10-Year-Old Girl Looks 60 Because Of Condition That Leaves Skin Wrinkled & Sagging

A 10-year-old Cambodian girl suffers from a rare condition that makes her look like a 60-year-old woman.

Bo Rakching was born with folds in her skin that gives it a sagging and wrinkled appearance, The Daily Mail reported.

The girl's family has not sought a medical opinion on what has caused the condition, but local reports claim that Rakching suffers from a disorder called cutis laxa, which causes the skin to lose it elasticity. Other than the sagging and wrinkles, Rakching reportedly has the body of a normal 10-year-old.

Rakching, who lives with her family a remote village outside Phnom Penh, said she dreamed of having a pretty face.

"I want the pretty face. I want to have surgery. The other children call me 'old folk,'" she said, per The Daily Mail.

"Among all my brothers and sisters, I am the only one with an old face. They all have young faces. They do not call me sister, they call me grandmom."

A monk told the girl that she is suffering from bad karma from a past life. Video footage from when Rakching visited a monk, referred to only as Voeun, on August 1 shows the monk telling her that she has "still not cleared the bad path from her life."

"People were born in this place or that place based on the good or bad path that have taken before. Remain on the bad path, then when you clear all the bad path away, you will become pretty," he reportedly told her.

In the video, the girl appeared to agree with the monk and said that she "was shot in a previous life" and has "not cleared the bad path yet," The Daily Mail reported. She also said that her mother had a dream in which she took a flower that had already bloomed and then she gave birth to her.

Cutis laxa refers to a group of rare disorders that cause wrinkles and saggy skin around the face, arms, legs, and trunk. The disorder is the result of defects in connective tissue. While the disorder can be inherited, it can also be acquired at any point during one's life, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

There are many variations of the disorder, but the wrinkly skin syndrome that Rakching suffers from causes individuals to age pre prematurely, which makes them "look much older than their true age," the organization stated.