Ellen DeGeneres Sparks Old Man Comparisons As Paparazzi Photos Shock The World

A recent photo of Ellen DeGeneres has some fans leaving hurtful comments. The legendary talk show host is often beloved for embracing her signature androgynous edge, and most fans of the star are on-board with her sexuality. The 61-year-old has been married to actress Portia de Rossi since 2008.

Photos of Ellen and Portia enjoying themselves while visiting London were obtained by The Daily Mail, and were published at the end of last week. These snapshots showed Ellen and her wife enjoying the perks of a helicopter ride, with both women looking fuss-free and low-frills. While Portia had opted for a feminine look with a copper-colored skirt and silver jacket, Ellen was rocking her trademark boyish style, rocking baggy cargo pants and a simple blue shirt. The Ellen Show host likewise stuck to her well-known pixie haircut.

Paparazzi images of a major television star are going to rake in the comments. Ellen appears to have done just that, although responses left to the newspaper's images seem to be showing that viewers are shocked. While some users voiced this via hurtful comments, the consensus was that Ellen was looking markedly older than she appears on television. Replies came in from across the globe.

"Looking old" was the most upvoted comment, with 1,247 users upvoting the remark.

"Portia looks cute; Ellen looks like an old man!" read a comment racking up over 1,000 upvotes.

"Ellen looking a lot older here," another wrote, with over 550 users agreeing.

Comments remarking on the star's age, as well as those likening her to a man advanced in years, were plentiful.

"She looks so different when she's hosting her show. In these photos she looks really elderly. That neck. Yikes," one fan stated.

"WTH happened to Ellen? She's looking more and more like a man," another wrote.

"That's a terrible haircut. She used to be attractive but now......lady looks like a dude," a user remarked.

Similar responses filled the comments section, with many fans appearing taken aback. While one user wrote that they'd never seen the star looking "worse," another suggested that she has let herself go.

Fans would likely argue that Ellen looks great for her age. While a starlet look such as the one channeled by Friends star Jennifer Aniston was never Ellen's style, the host's trendy wardrobe, trademark sneakers, and youthful complexion often garner compliments. Nonetheless, it appeared that this set of viewers hadn't quite expected to see Ellen looking like this.

Ellen tends to receive more positive feedback over on her Instagram account, where 75.7 million viewers await her updates.