Lucy Hale Forgives David Dobrik For ‘Almost’ Breaking Her Thumb During Teen Choice Awards

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Things got a little rough between Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale and YouTuber David Dobrik as they hosted the Teen Choice Awards yesterday.

Dobrik took a stab at the bottle cap challenge with the assistance of his lovely co-host. For those unfamiliar with the challenge, it involves kicking a bottle in an attempt to knock the cap off of it.

The stunt featured Hale holding a bottle of sunscreen in her hand while stretching her arm out as far away from her body as she could as Dobrink prepared to kick off the cap.

While the YouTuber was technically successful as he did manage to kick the cap off the bottle, what happened next served as a reminder to anyone that this is not a challenge that should be done with someone holding the bottle. In addition to knocking the cap off the sunscreen bottle, he also slammed his foot into Hale’s thumb while they were on live television.

Making things both awkward and humorous Hale could be heard telling her co-host not to kick her in the head before he ended up kicking her in the hand instead. David rushed toward his co-host to make sure she was alright before the duo seemingly shook it off as they made jokes about him breaking her thumb.

Roughly 12 hours ago, David took to his Instagram account to share an array of snapshots from Sunday.

In a detailed caption, Dobrik repeatedly thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to both win his first Teen Choice Award and to co-host with the lovely Lucy.

“Thank ya to Lucy and John and everyone else involved for making it so fun and easy breezey.”

Roughly an hour after David shared the pictures with his 8.7 million Instagram followers, Hale became one of the first to leave a comment.

“You were so great. And you fkng almost broke my thumb but it’s all good. Also I’m gonna hear your fans yelling DAVID in my sleep,” the actress penned as she seemingly forgave the social media influencer for taking a crack at her thumb.

Hale wasn’t the only one to inject a little humor into the comments of David’s post as Howie Mandel also dropped by to show the YouTuber a little love.

“You’re very talented but who am I to judge,” Mandel jested in a comment that has been liked over 3,000 times.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter also erupted as many Teen Choice Award fans reacted to the kicking incident.

The flood of reactions on Twitter contained a mixture of those wanting to know if Lucy’s thumb was alright and those questioning how David felt after kicking her.