Kendall Jenner Trashed As High-Waisted Jeans & Floral String Bra Leave Fans Reeling

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Kendall Jenner isn’t receiving the best feedback right now. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is known for rocking an offbeat wardrobe, although her status as a style queen reflects a fashion sense that’s largely well-received. The 23-year-old has been getting the thumbs-down for her latest street appearance though, as viewers to The Daily Mail’s images have been proving.

Kendall was photographed on a lunch date in Los Angeles, California, yesterday. The model had opted for a summery and skimpy outfit comprised of high-waisted jeans with frayed details and a sexy floral-print bra bearing string ties. The ensemble definitely ticked boxes for showcasing the brunette’s willowy frame and flat stomach, but it looks like viewers to the newspaper’s images weren’t impressed.

Comments slamming the look came in by the masses.

“Those are the ugliest jeans I’ve ever seen and they don’t look good on her” proved the most upvoted comment with 246 users agreeing.

“She has zero fashion sense” was a comment racking up 140 upvotes.

“I’ve seen a lot of jeans in my lifetime but those are far and away the most hideous I’ve ever seen…wow,” another user claimed.

Remarks centering around the model’s choice of clothing proved marked, upvoted, and dominating amid responses.

“Those jeans are horrible!” a user wrote with 185 others giving the comment the thumbs-up.

“Those jeans are ridiculous,” another stated.

“Why would anyone buy those jeans and think they look good? She’s trying so hard and failing miserably” proved more hurtful as one fan queried the model’s fashion choice.

Kendall is known for embracing unusual trends. The model has definitely channeled all things ’80s and ’90s this year, with looks that have replicated the respective eras’ styles of high-waisted pants, shoulder pads, or chunky sneakers with socks. Other lovers of the style include model Bella Hadid and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin. While Hailey adds a grunge finish and Bella opts for a sporty edge, Kendall seems to go for vintage vibes. The star also regularly injects her wardrobe with a designer edge, as photos of Kendall rocking baggy denims with flame Prada heels showed last year.

While fans might argue that Kendall’s ensemble yesterday was a stylish one, it looks like viewers to the newspaper’s images had reached somewhat of a joint consensus.

“She somehow always manages to find the most hideous jeans ever,” one user wrote.

“Those jeans are ghastly,” another said.

A few positive comments were left, but sadly for Kendall, these did not garner many upvotes. The model generally receives more uplifting responses to her looks over on her Instagram, where 115 million individuals subscribing to the account are already diehard fans.