Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Tiny Bikini

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez didn’t leave much to the imagination in her latest post to Instagram on Sunday, in which she wore a skimpy bikini.

In a sexy double post, Rodriguez showed off her incredible physique in an itty-bitty, orange bikini, which featured a classic triangle top and string bottoms. In the first snap, the beauty stood facing the camera running her hands through her hair. Her ample chest was on display, as were her rock hard abs and shapely hips. Sporting a pair of sunglasses, Rodriguez looked stunning as she gazed off to the side. The second photo showed the backside of the fitness guru. Standing with one knee bent, the pose accentuated the model’s perky booty. The photo also gave viewers a flash of side boob as Rodriguez turned to give the camera a sultry look.

In the photo’s caption, Rodriguez explained how she became her healthiest after she stopped counting calories and following fad diets. She said she began to achieve a state of health by listening to her body. She encouraged her followers to do the same.

Fans loved the image, and many thanked Rodriguez for being such an inspiration. In fact, many comments were from women who appreciated her words and advice.

“Well all your effort has definitely paid off, your body looks amazing! As a woman I have to say you have the best body I have ever seen…keep up the great work,” one fan wrote.

“Just wanted to say that I love all your posts and messages like yours are important to every girl and woman. You are my fitness and attitude inspiration,” wrote another.

“Love that you placed the emphasis on being health [sic] not on looking great. I started following you last week. Glad I did. This post was refreshing to read,” one follower told Rodriguez.

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Health > all the BS out there. My eating disorders started at merely 13 years of age when I began writing down every calorie I ate. I would literally carry around this mini notebook (no iPhones or apps back then) and track and look up the calorie count of every single food. I got hooked on ‘numbers’ and fad diets from a very young age. I was obsessed. I was chasing this image of ‘perfect’ that I thought would solve all my troubles. It didn’t. . Why don’t I count macros or calories? Because when I did I wasn’t listening to my body. I wasn’t paying attention to what foods were making me bloated and uncomfortable. I was just simply eating to numbers. I mistook bloat for ‘fat’. I ate after I was full and I refrained from eating even when I was hungry. I restricted food. I deprived myself. I binged. I jumped from fad diet to fad diet thinking ‘this time it will be different’. It wasn’t. - I thought I had tried everything BUT the one thing I hadn’t tried was being HEALTHY. When I started to TRULY care about my health and not my waist to bum ratio is when my whole world changed. My relationship with myself changed...Inside AND OUT! - I speak to you from experience when I say I know EXACTLY what it’s like to suffer with body image and digestive issues and think you’re doing everything right while tossing your hands up in frustration at not seeing results. I can confidently tell you that it starts with changing your habits and letting go of the obsession. It starts with small changes daily that equate to bigger, more sustainable and long term results later ???????? -

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Of course, Rodriguez got tons of compliments from men as well. While many simply left heart and fire emoji in the comment section, others took the time to admire the model’s fabulous figure.

“You and bikinis are a match made in heaven,” one fan joked.

A quick scroll through Rodriguez’s Instagram shows that she appears to be completely dedicated to health and fitness. The Instagram sensation shares everything from shopping tips to recipes in the hope of inspiring others to get healthy. She also shares some of her favorite workouts.

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