Sarah Ferguson Allegedly Had To Leave Balmoral Because Of Prince Philip

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It’s not a secret that Prince Philip is no fan of Prince Andrew’s ex, Sarah Ferguson, but the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly won’t be under the same roof with her. For that reason, Ferguson had to leave Balmoral early even though she planned to stay for the rest of the week.

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Philip turned up early for his summer vacation in Scotland, forcing the Duchess of York to head back to England, even though Prince Andrew and their daughters are there with Queen Elizabeth.

Even since Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996, the Duke of Edinburgh has refused to be under the same roof, as he says she humiliated the royal family. Many hoped their appearance together at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last year had signaled a thaw in relations, but it seems that is not so.

A source shared that Fergie was dispatched unexpectedly after two days in Scotland.

“Balmoral sources said the Duchess, who arrived on Thursday night, had to unexpectedly leave for London, sparking speculation within the royal household. She was spotted catching a British Airways flight at nearby Aberdeen Airport yesterday afternoon. The Queen began allowing the Duchess to join the annual family gathering at Balmoral about six years ago.”

In previous years, sources say that everything was scheduled, and Sarah Ferguson would depart the say before Prince Philip arrived.

A Balmoral source shared that whatever happened this year was strange because Ferguson was supposed to stay until Friday.

“This year he arrived yesterday, several days earlier than expected, which is rather strange, so the duchess left.”

It’s being suggested that the switch up this year is perhaps about the news that Prince Andrew’s onetime friend Jeffrey Epstein died via suicide a day after new documents were made public that suggested that the prince also had sexual contact with underage girls, per The Inquisitr.

It has also been made public that at one point, Ferguson borrowed money from Epstein, and that she promised to pay it back in full once she found out the reason he went to jail back in 2011. The Duchess of York has not confirmed or denied that she had paid the convicted felon back.

Before Prince Philip arrived early at Balmoral, many people in the media were wondering if the Duke and Duchess of York had gotten back together, explained The Inquisitr. After Princess Eugenie’s wedding, the rumors had resurfaced when Ferguson confirmed that the couple was still living together, even though both of their daughters had moved out of their home.