How ‘Loki’ Will Connect To ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Revealed

The line up of MCU's Phase 4
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Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Loki and Thor: Love and Thunder.

It was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con this summer that all the upcoming television shows and movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would play off of one another and all would be intertwined in what is known as Phase 4. One of the biggest reveals at SDCC was the announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder, which confirmed Natalie Portman will be back in the franchise where she will play a female Thor.

Loki, which will debut later in Phase 4 in spring 2021, was also a big topic of discussion at the panel. Thor: Love and Thunder will follow in November, and the two are expected to play off one another. Studio head Kevin Feige revealed the Loki show on Disney+ will follow the Trickster God after he stole the Tesseract during the Battle of New York when the Avengers altered the timeline by trying to steal the Infinity Stones. FandomWire is reporting just how Loki will connect to Thor: Love and Thunder after the Tesseract was stolen.

“[Loki] Follows Loki after the events in Avengers: Endgame as the trickster uses the power of the Tesseract to travel throughout human history and change historical events,” the synopsis reads.

Loki TV Show Details Reveal How It Connects To Thor: Love & Thunder –

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FandomWire then added some insider information on how Loki will actually show up in the fourth Thor film. According to the outlet, Loki will travel through the Multiverse by using the Tesseract and eventually land in the timeline of Thor: Love and Thunder. This will be quite the surprise for Thor who watched his brother die at the hands of Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War.

Another spoiler from FandomWire says that Loki will bring Thor’s hammer with him into the modern-day timeline, which is how Natalie Portman’s character will acquire the iconic weapon, as Thor is set to still be wielding Stormbreaker in the upcoming film. Captain America returned Mjolnir back to its 2014 timeline at the end of Endgame, meaning the hammer is not around in the present day. Thor: Ragnarok director Taiki Waititi handed Mjolnir over to Portman at SDCC, almost confirming that she will wield the weapon in the upcoming flick.

Loki is set to begin filming in 2020, and Waititi has confirmed that he has finished the script for Thor: Love and Thunder. The film will be the last movie of Phase 4 and it’s unknown at this time if Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as the God of Thunder past the 2021 film. The actor has mentioned that he will play the role as long as the powers that be in the MCU let him, so there’s hope for the original Avenger.