Tonight On ‘Big Brother 21:’ Field Trip And Nominations Play Out

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Note: This article is spoiler-free!

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother will break away from the traditional Sunday night format. Normally, Sunday nights contain a bunch of gossip and gameplay, along with the current Head of Household’s (HOH) nominees for eviction at the end of the episode. But tonight will feature the America’s Field Trip twist, which the roommates were not let in on until two days ago. The reveal of this twist played out in real-time.

When the episode airs, viewers will get to watch the houseguests be filled in on the new twist, according to Gold Derby. The results of the fan voting will also be revealed to the houseguests, who will then immediately play in the special competition. The first-place winner will receive safety for the week, the second will be given a punishment, and the third will be put on the block as a special third nominee.

If you want to find out who won America’s Field Trip competition before the show airs, you can check out the spoilers previously reported by The Inquisitr.

After the competition is over, there will be much discussion in the house regarding America’s voting strategy concerning the Field Trip competition. One nominee will be on the block, affecting how the current HOH, Tommy Bracco, will choose his other two nominees for eviction. After much deliberation, Tommy will put up two players at the end of the episode, where — as usual — much hugging will take place, presented in slow motion.

The very important Power of Veto competition will take place on Wednesday night’s episode. The Veto ceremony is taking place today in real-time, and will be televised either at the end of Wednesday night’s episode or at the beginning of Thursday night’s eviction episode, before the houseguests place their votes.

There is no double eviction planned for this week, but it’s expected to come any time now. Over the last several seasons of Big Brother, double eviction week has occurred after Week 7, and this season is currently on that same week. There has never been a pattern to double eviction night, and only Julie Chen knows when the big event is about to happen.

The houseguests have been preparing for the double eviction episode for the last several weeks, and have been discussing their plans for how it will all go down. Cliff’s Angels and the broken Six Shooters have decided who they will like to go when, but viewers know anything can change on eviction night, depending on who wins that crucial second HOH of the episode.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.