Elevator Murder Experiment Promotes Colin Farrell’s ‘Dead Man Down’ [Disturbing Video]

Dead Man Down, the new Colin Farrell action thriller, has an unusually viral marketing campaign: A YouTube video that “pranks” an elevator murder to the shock of ordinary people who are about to get on.

The hidden-camera elevator murder experiment video staged by two actors raises the question of what would you do if you walked into a murder in progress.

As you’ll see on the video below, some of the riders are so shocked that they just stand there and watch, others try to physically intervene and rescue the man being chocked (including one woman who uses a bouquet of flowers as her weapon of choice), and some use their cellphones to presumably call police. One man calmly captures the incident on his phone camera. Presumably all these folks afterward signed off on written releases to allow their images to show up in the elevator murder experiment.

How this video specifically promotes Colin Farrell’s new movie appears to be a mystery however.

At the end of the one minute, 50 second video, various options are presented such as “run, call 911, watch, record video, attack, or get revenge (the latter which apparently is the premise of Dead Man Down)” followed by the title of Collin Farrell’s new film which opens Friday.

As The Inquisitrpreviously reported, nutshelled, the plot sees Colin Farrell positioned as the right hand man/fixer for a New York City underground crime boss, Terrence Howard. But Farrell has an agenda. He wants to avenge the death of his wife and daughter, both of which were somehow caused by Howard. First seducing, then blackmailing Farrell, Noomi Rapace (of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fame) — a former crime victim of Howard — sets about fulfilling her own vengeful arc.

The New York Post calls this a “sickening” video and suggests that the filmmakers are desperate for attention. Do you think the elevator murder experiment is in bad taste? Do you think it in any way serves as a promotional vehicle for the revenge fantasy Dead Man Down? Watch the video below and decide for yourself: