‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Devane Returns To Port Charles Soon, Finola Hughes Back On Set

Anna certainly won't be getting a welcome home party from Hayden Barnes.

General Hospital star Finola Hughes.
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Anna certainly won't be getting a welcome home party from Hayden Barnes.

Finola Hughes has returned to the General Hospital set and fans are excited to see her back. The actress has been away on her annual summer vacation. She takes some time away from the ABC soap every year for some rest and relaxation. But now she is back and ready to get to work.

Hughes posted an update on her Instagram account of herself sitting in a chair with all ladies surrounding her. They appear to be her hair and makeup crew. She looks like she is rested up and ready to get to work. She gave a huge hint that she was on the General Hospital set when she used hashtags to verify where she was. Hughes has been gone since June. She spent some time in Hawaii, as seen in some photos that she shared on social media.

Now that the General Hospital star is back, she will be getting her acting chops on, and it will prove to be some dramatic scenes coming up in about a month. Anna Devane has been out of the country looking for her twin sister, Alex. Her fiance, Finn, stayed in Port Charles. He is anxious to have her back, especially now that his ex, Hayden Barnes, has returned.

Hayden has already admitted that she still has feelings for him, thanks to the truth serum that Valentin Cassadine slipped in her drink while she and Jax were there for dinner. Now Finn is left to figure out how he feels about how her admission. Anna will be returning to a complicated situation.

When she left, she had no idea that Finn’s ex would show up. General Hospital spoilers for next week tease that Finn will be asking Hayden to meet with him. What is that all about? Will he want to know more about the child that Hayden supposedly lost?

Finn will likely be relieved when Anna makes it back home. However, it will certainly make his life even more complicated than it already is. He will be caught between the two women that he has strong feelings for. Many fans want to see Finn and Hayden back together. That may happen sooner or later, or having Anna back may just reinforce his decision to leave his old life behind and move on with his fiance.

No one knows just yet where Finn and Hayden’s baby is. Hayden was obviously pregnant when she was seen leaving town. That may be the string that Hayden pulls to get Finn’s attention. When will she tell him about their child? Will Hayden come between Finn and Anna?

Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see how this all plays out.