Katherine Schwarzenegger Poses With Baby Goat In Adorable Snap

Rich FuryGetty Images

Chris Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger is a huge animal lover. The brunette bombshell is an ambassador for Best Friends Animal Society & ASPCA, and is constantly speaking out about the animal-centric causes she believes in.

Though she’s walked the red carpet with her husband, Chris Pratt, the duo seem to prefer living life away from the lights of Hollywood. Recently, Schwarzenegger shared a sweet glimpse into a little time she spent with an adorable baby goat.

When the duo aren’t in California for their various obligations, the couple spends time on Pratt’s farm in the San Juan Islands. As Today reported, Pratt’s farm has about 30 pigs, 60 chickens and 160 sheep — and perhaps there will be several goats in the mix soon.

Schwarzenegger didn’t include a caption on the shot, and simply shared a snap of herself with no makeup, snuggled up close to an adorable black and white goat. Given how willing she is to get down and dirty on the farm with her husband, it seems that Schwarzenegger does not mind when she and Pratt head to his slice of rustic paradise in the Pacific Northwest. Particularly if animals are involved in some way, Schwarzenegger seems to be all for it.

In addition to the snap, she shared a sweet video of the goat snuggling in close to her neck outside.

The beauty’s fans absolutely loved the sweet glimpse into life on the farm, and the shot received over 9,300 likes in just one hour.

“That might be the cutest picture ever. Goat snuggles,” one fan commented.

Another couldn’t get enough of the cute goat that Schwarzenegger was snuggling.

“How precious!!! It would be very hard to put that baby down,” the fan said.

While Schwarzenegger doesn’t include Pratt in a ton of her Instagram posts, he does pop up on her page from time to time.

In July, Schwarzenegger shared a video for Amazon Prime Day in which she promoted a few pieces from the brand Cub Coats.

Pratt was visible in the background of the video at first, cracking Schwarzenegger up and juggling for the camera.

Pratt eventually ended up getting right in the frame and demonstrating the product alongside Schwarzenegger.

Fans couldn’t quite handle their adorable interactions with one another, and one made a comment about their dynamic.

“Oh my God you two are like sunshine!!!” the fan said.

Fans of Pratt, or of the couple, will have to make sure they’re following Schwarzenegger’s account so that they don’t miss out on any cute videos featuring the two of them — or any sweet goat selfies.