High School Basketball Team Scores 118 Points, Coach Still Not Satisfied

High School Basketball Team Scores 118 Points, But Coach Still Not Satisfied

A high school basketball team scored 118 points, setting a new state record and advancing in their state tournament — but the team’s coach still wasn’t happy.

The Mentor High School basketball team rode an offensive explosion in the Ohio state tournament to a 118-98 victory. The win meant that the team was still alive in its quest for a state championship and the players can lay claim to their piece of history.

If only that were enough for head coach Bob Krizanic.

Despite the fact that his high school basketball team just scored 118 points, Krizanic had only negative things to say about his cardinals, the Yahoo! Sports blog Prep Rally noted.

“If you score 118 and have a great defensive effort, then it’s worthy of the record,” Krizancic told the News Herald, a newspaper covering the Cleveland suburbs. “This wasn’t. This means nothing. This one should go down as an asterisk with us giving up 98 points and how poor defensively we played.”

Krizanic said the basketball game will go down in history for him as well, but not because his team scored 118 points.

“We played one of the poorest defensive games I have ever coached here,” he said. “It starts with me. It’s my fault. It was just a very, very, very poor defensive game all the way around, coaches, players, managers, whatever you want to call it. Just a poor defensive effort. Wasn’t tough. Wasn’t aggressive.”

Mentor High School was actually on pace for an even bigger scoring output, USA Today noted. The team had 101 points through three quarters — and unlike the NBA with its 12-minute quarters, high school teams only just eight minutes. But Krizanic emptied his bench for the fourth quarter, and the team scored only 17 more points.

The high school basketball team that scored 118 points actually knocked itself out of the record books. The previous record for scoring in Ohio was 116 points, set by Mentor High School in a win over Cleveland JFK in 1996.