Marco Rubio Blames Russian Bots And Trolls For Pushing ‘Clinton Body Count’ After Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate.

Marco Rubio is taking aim at Vladimir Putin after a surge in conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The Republican senator claims that the finger-pointing is a sign of Russian interference.

Epstein was found hanged in his Manhattan jail cell on Saturday morning, and died after being rushed to a nearby hospital. His death brought a rush of conspiracy theories by many who claimed that political forces may have orchestrated Epstein’s death to prevent powerful people allegedly involved in underage sex rings to be exposed.

The term “Clinton Body Count” shot to the top of Twitter trends, playing on a decades-old conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton arranged for the murders of political opponents. The term “Trump Body Count” then quickly trended in response, with others claiming the president may have played a role in the death of his longtime, former friend. There was no evidence to indicate that either the Clintons or Donald Trump had any involvement in the billionaire’s death.

Donald Trump himself fed into this conspiracy theory. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump shared a series of tweets insinuating that Bill Clinton played some kind of role in Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Another member of the Trump administration also insinuated that Hillary Clinton may have been involved in his death.

But Rubio said on Sunday that both the “Clinton Body Count” and “Trump Body Count” appeared to be pushed by a network of Russian trolls and bots for the purpose of dividing Americans. The Florida senator took to Twitter to lament how the efforts had already been able to divide Americans.

“It’s sad (and frightening) to see so many Americans on both sides of partisan unwittingly helping them,” he wrote.

Many security experts have warned that Russia is still trying to interfere in American elections and political movements in general, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller telling members of congress that Russia is currently attacking American elections. American intelligence agencies said that Russia tried to push divisive message to sow political discord during the 2016 election cycle.

Others have connected the immediate rise in political blaming in the wake of Epstein’s death to Russia, saying the trending hashtags had the hallmark of a Russian disinformation campaign.

There could still be more revelations even after Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Julie K. Brown, the Miami Herald reporter who uncovered new Epstein victims. She also revealed details of his controversial 2007 plea deal, saying that there are still “thousands and thousands more documents” related to Epstein yet to be released, per Raw Story.

Attorney General William Barr announced a federal investigation into Epstein’s death.

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