Beach Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio & Bikini-Clad Camila Morrone Spark Fear That She’s Being Used

Pascal Le Segretain / Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone are receiving interesting comments. The 44-year-old actor has been dating the 22-year-old model since December 2017, with their relationship proving steady. The couple mostly stays out of sight, although this weekend the pair have put on a joint and public display during a glitzy European vacation.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail today showed the Oscar winner and his girlfriend taking a beach stroll in Corsica, France. The newspaper’s cameras appeared to have carefully snapped the pair, with the report sending fans multiple images. Camila appeared walking by her boyfriend in a sizzling leopard-print bikini, while the Titanic actor kept casual in shorts and a t-shirt.

Fans over in The Daily Mail‘s comments section seem to have picked up on something. They’ve been viewing the images of Camila appearing to make contact with her beau, although the comments left seemed to be suggesting that the relationship might not be a healthy one. Remarks inferring that DiCaprio is disinterested in Camila or in some way using her were multiple and upvoted, alongside sentiments seeming to center around the concept that Camila is in a submissive relationship.

“She’s all over him, but he is generally looking into the distance or checking his phone. She is just arm candy for him,” a user wrote with 916 others agreeing.

“She looks very submissive toward him. Stop it girl, just a guy” was a comment racking up more than 330 upvotes.

“I just see a one-sided relationship there. All the affectionate glances and touching are coming from her,” another user added with others agreeing.

“I find it really weird that he doesn’t show her any affection. He’s very detached & cold” was another comment.

Remarks suggesting that the actor had zero interest in his lady were marked, with fans appearing more creeped out by the body language than the age difference.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, steamy images of the couple cozying up in a hot tub took fans a little aback since Camila is half her boyfriend’s age. Today’s viewers definitely seemed out to probe whether or not this relationship is a balanced one.

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“Seriously? 1. Every picture is him looking like he’s blocking or pushing her away… I see zero affection on his part,” one fan wrote with 37 others agreeing.

Fans of this couple would likely agree that, overall, Leonardo’s actions have suggested that he is interested in Camila and possibly even in love with her. The actor’s former wild days and womanizer reputation seem to have somewhat evaporated since embarking upon his relationship with Camila.

Clearly, however, today’s viewers were speculative.