August 11, 2019
Picture Purportedly Showing Jeffrey Epstein's Dead Body Sparks Theories That The Billionaire Faked His Death

A picture purportedly showing the unresponsive body of Jeffrey Epstein being taken into a Manhattan hospital has sparked a number of conspiracy theories online that the billionaire sex trafficker may have faked his death.

Epstein was reportedly found hanged in his cell on Saturday morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. He was rushed to a hospital in cardiac arrest and declared dead.

His death sparked outrage from across the political spectrum, with many demanding answers as to how one of the highest-profile prisoners in the country could have taken his own life while under heavy security. As The Inquisitr noted, a number of prison experts have expressed shock at Epstein taking his life, with some noting that suicides were considered "nearly impossible" inside the federal facility where Epstein was being held on a number of new federal sex trafficking charges. His death was also the first completed suicide in the facility in the last 21 years, the report noted.

The picture showing the supposedly unresponsive Epstein has only led to more questions and given rise to conspiracy theories. While the picture itself has not been confirmed to be legitimate, a few viral posts have pointed out what some are stating to be clear differences between past pictures of Epstein and the man being taken into the hospital. Some noticed that the unresponsive man's nose and ears looked to be a different shape than Epstein's, leading to speculation that the billionaire may have faked his death or was perhaps secretly being taken into witness protection.

Some commenters went so far as to compare the body in the picture circulating on Saturday to that of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who died by suicide last year.

Jeffrey Epstein's death has led to a rise in other conspiracy theories, including many who tried to cast allegations on both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Both men had close ties with Epstein. President Trump himself shared a series of tweets that hinted at Epstein being a part of the "Clinton Body Count," a longstanding -- but unfounded -- conspiracy theory claiming that Bill and Hillary Clinton have arranged the deaths of some of their political opponents. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump shared two posts hinting that Bill Clinton had some kind of involvement in Epstein's death.

Others pointed out that the Department of Justice under Donald Trump oversees the prison system, casting equally unfounded aspersions that the president may have been involved in the death of his former friend. Attorney General William Barr has vowed to conduct a federal investigation into the apparent suicide, demanding answers as to how the billionaire could have managed to take his own life.