Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Hijacked After Liam Hemsworth Split, Fans Directly Blame Her

Miley Cyrus attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018
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Miley Cyrus’ Instagram has been hijacked.

It’s been less than 24 hours since the 26-year-old’s marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth was declared over. A rep for the SHE IS COMING singer confirmed the news to People last night.

While Miley has not posted any new Instagram images since the news, fans have been taking to the most recent post and upvoting divorce-centric comments. With new comments to a day-old post being driven up with thousands of likes, it’s fair to say that this star’s account is being rocked.

Of the split-related comments, the most upvoted one voiced sadness at the situation overall. For the most part, though, it looks like this singer’s fans have been throwing her some shade.

“Pushed that man away again huh? You don’t deserve him” was one of the most upvoted replies with over 2,800 likes.

“Girl, idk what is wrong with you but seemingly you need to grow up…losing a good man…” was a comment racking up over 1,160 likes.

“Ugh you don’t deserve Liam. You broke his heart yet again and now you’re already spotting kissing Kaitylnn Carter. Ridiculous!” also proved popular.

This user was likely referring to images of Miley kissing Brody Jenner’s ex just yesterday. As The Inquisitr reports, Kaitlynn Carter and Miley put on quite the PDA on Saturday as they vacationed in Italy.

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A quick scroll through the above Instagram post shows just how little faith Miley’s fans seem to have in her. The singer found herself supported by some, but sentiments suggesting her to be responsible for her marriage crumbling seemed overwhelming.

“Good for him. He wanted a wife, and future mother of his children. Not a bomb throwing pot head radical washout with barely two brain cells (left after all the WEED),” one fan wrote.

Remarks that take a trolling route – in this case, suggesting that Miley has virtually no brains cells –tend not to rack up all that many likes. This user’s comment received over 594. One of the most popular responses saw one fan claim that they’d never seen a relationship so “immature.”

Fans had already been wondering where things stood. Miley appeared to be traveling and delivering raunchy Instagram updates in thongs or bikinis, but Liam was nowhere to be seen. While in-demand artists will find themselves separated from their other halves for performances, they still tend to be seen with their partners at times. This is the case with Astroworld rapper Travis Scott and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Likewise, Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Miley does not appear to have responded to the comments. Fans wishing to see more of the newly-single Miley should follow her Instagram.