Police Seize Fotis Dulos’ Vehicles And He Rents New Ones

Matan Vizdel Pixbay

Fotis Dulos is a wealthy and successful real estate agent from Connecticut. He’s also the estranged husband of a missing mother of five, Jennifer Dulos. Jennifer went missing on May 24 after dropping her kids off at school, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Law enforcement has collected an assortment of bloody clothes and other personal articles that they believe belong to Jennifer, and they suspect that the mother was physically assaulted. However, the case remains a missing person investigation and Fotis is one of the primary suspects, according to The Stamford Advocate.

Police have been hot on Fotis’ trail since his wife first disappeared. After all, all signs do point to him and he began to look guiltier than ever after allegedly being caught on video surveillance dropping bags in various dumpsters the night Jennifer is said to have disappeared. Her bloody clothes were later found in the bags.

At the time that Jennifer disappeared, she and Fotis were in the middle of a bitter custody battle and divorce. She lived in a pricey estate with her children while Fotis and his girlfriend Michele Troconis lived in a separate residence. Both Fotis and his girlfriend have been charged with interfering with the investigation and tampering with evidence. They are currently out on bail and have pleaded not guilty.

Police have now seized three of Fotis’ vehicles, including his Ford Raptor pickup truck, Chevy Suburban, and Jeep Cherokee. They’ve also confiscated two of his phones, some computers, a server, a hard drive, and two other external drives. All of these items will be carefully searched for insight into Jennifer’s whereabouts.

Even though police have taken away all of Fotis’ methods of transportation, he’s determined to continue working and living his life as normal. Thus, he’s now renting cars so he can get to and from work.

A motion filed by Fotis’ lawyer, Norm Pattis, requests that his vehicles be returned to him.

“Mr. Dulos has endured the expense of renting motor vehicles of business and professional use while the state remains in possession of his motor vehicles,” the statement reads.

Pattis went on to say that his client “is prepared to stipulate to secondary evidence involving the motor vehicles should the vehicles be returned to him.”

Even if Fotis may be trying to work around police, they aren’t making it easy on him. The suspect currently wears a tracking device on his ankle so police can monitor him.