Ben Stiller Gets Beat By Little Girl During Tennis Exhibition [Video]

ben stiller

Who would you pick for your Tennis teammate? Ben Stiller or a little girl? If you watched the exhibition match last night between Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin Del Portro you’d probably end up choosing the little girl.

Stiller was sitting courtside on Monday night during an exhibition tennis match between Nadal and Del Potro. With nothing on the line, the two tennis stars decided to have a little fun and bring some people from the crowd out onto the court.

Nadal chose Stiller as his teammate while Del Potro decided to grab a young girl from the crowd.

Potro got some applause for picking his teammate and the little girl got some applause when she proved to be the third best tennis player on the court. Granted, Nadal was serving up some pretty easy shots but the little girl was doing her part and stuffing them back in Stiller’s face.

We have to give Stiller some credit, though. He did pick a wedgie while standing on the court to mock Nadal and he did score the first point of the match. After that, however, it was all team Del Potro and anonymous little girl.

Stiller gave a little excuse after the match, saying that his knee was bothering him, but ended up tipping his hat to the little girl.

Here’s the video of Ben Stiller, Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin Del Portro and the little girl playing tennis.

It was a little surprising to see Stiller so timid on the court. After all, the last time he was set up for an easy spike this happened.