Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Are 'Extremely Upset' And Feel Betrayed By Legal System, Lawyer Says

The victims of now-deceased billionaire and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein are outraged over his suicide, a lawyer representing two of the victims said on Saturday.

Epstein was found hanged in his cell inside the protective unit of a Manhattan jail. He was rushed to a hospital in cardiac arrest and was declared dead, with his death coming just weeks after he had been found injured inside his cell in an event that led to criticism of the jail for failing to keep him safe.

The wealthy financier's death has led to widespread outrage, with many demanding answers as to how he could have committed suicide while reportedly being on suicide watch. Those speaking out include attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents two of Epstein's victims.

"Obviously Jeffrey Epstein should have been watched, and not taken off of suicide watch," she told Radar Online in an interview in the hours after Epstein's death. "There are cameras, motion detectors, and technology that could have prevented this."

Bloom posed a number of questions for authorities who were charged with overseeing Epstein, including how he would have been able to commit suicide given that there was nothing on the ceiling of the cell that he could have used to hang himself.

Bloom added that Epstein's victim feels that authorities have failed her.

"One of my clients is extremely upset that this happened," said Bloom. "Prison officials failed her because he needed to be kept alive."

Bloom also wasted no time in advocating for Epstein's victims, calling on the administrator of Epstein's estate to freeze his assets so victims could seek compensation.

The lawyer representing Epstein's victims is not the only one expressing outrage at his death. Epstein's own lawyer spoke out on Saturday, saying that those who put public pressure on him and publicized his case have "blood on their hands." Marc Fernich, a member of Epstein's legal team, told Fox News that there was plenty of blame to go around.

"All these actors appear to bear some responsibility for this calamity. All seem to have a share of Mr. Epstein's blood on their hands. All should be ashamed of their behavior," he said.

Authorities in New York have offered little details on Jeffrey Epstein's death so far, including exactly how or when he took his life. Many politicians have called for answers, and Attorney General William Barr called for a federal investigation into his apparent suicide.

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