Ashley Graham Rocks Colorful Bikini In A Behind-The-Scenes Snap

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Ashley Graham shared a brand new bikini pic with her fans today. So far, it has received over 82,000 likes within an hour of being posted.

The model was spotted posing at the beach while holding onto thin branches with both of her hands. She wore a colorful swimsuit, which included a top with red, purple, and yellow tropical-inspired designs. Meanwhile, Ashley wore small, mustard yellow bikini bottoms that matched the top. She popped her right foot up and gave a sultry look.

Graham also wore her hair down in a middle part and wore heavy eye makeup.

Behind the model, you could see a large rock formation, along with crystal blue ocean waters.

Fans left tons of nice compliments for the model.

“Woman, you’ve got to keep this up. The lord blessed this earth with that beautiful body,” said a fan.

“Thank youfor blessing my timeline and birthday with this,” said a follower.

On the other hand, someone noticed a tattoo peeking out of her bikini bottoms.

“Is that a tattoo???? Can we know what it is,” asked a curious follower.

“It’s her zodiac symbol,” responded an Instagram user.

In addition, Ashley posted a professional photo several days ago, which received a ton of attention also.

The photo showed the model standing in front of a completely white backdrop, as she wore a denim dress.

Graham revealed in the comments that she helped design some clothing for the designer, Marina Rinaldi.

The denim dress had multiple, vertical panels. While most of the dress was light denim, there were two stripes of dark denim. Ashley cinched her waist with a black belt, which had a circular buckle.

The update received over 104,000 likes.

While most of the time, Ashley gets nothing but praise in her comments, it was a little different this time around.

Many fans complained about the price point of the clothing that Ashley designed. Considering that the clothing is likely a collaboration between the model and the brand, the price point is something that was likely out of Ashley’s hands. Even so, there were some disappointed followers.

“Clothing line is SO expensive, ggeezzz…guess its not for us ‘average earning’ individuals,” said a fan.

“I think that’s great but a tank top for $355, come on! Maybe think about your fans and realize we don’t make what you do and will never be able to wear even one item from this line. So sad!” added another fan.