Spokane Police Investigating Rumors That Neo-Nazi Group Traveling To City To Train At Militant ‘Hate Camp’

Police lights on a car.
fsHH / Pixabay

Spokane police say they are investigating viral rumors that a militant Neo-Nazi group called The Base will be traveling through the city en route to a militant training facility known as “hate camp.”

As the Spokesman-Review reported this weekend, police are responding to reports online that Neo-Nazis from across the country are planning to travel through the Washington city for a training that takes place in an undisclosed area outside of Spokane. The reports came from the group Eugene Antifa, a group of far-left radicals from Eugene, Oregon, that posted on Twitter claiming to show members of The Base.

The Spokesman-Review reported that The Base is a group that came together last year with the goal of planning domestic terrorist attacks. The group is reportedly connected to another violent Neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Division, which has been linked to killings.

The group known as The Base was featured in a documentary from Vice News that noted the group was very well organized, gathering resources on a number of terrorism-related topics including “lone wolf terror tactics, gunsmithing, data mining, interrogation tactics, counter-surveillance techniques, bomb-making, chemical weapons creation and guerrilla warfare.”

A spokesman for the Spokane Police Department said that they have gathered information indicating that some Neo-Nazi members may be planning to fly to the Spokane airport for the training, which was believed to be taking place outside of the city or Spokane County.

The rumors of the alleged white supremacist training camp gained viral interest online, with many sharing images reportedly created by the groups.

There has been an increasing focus on the dangers of white supremacist terrorism, especially in the wake of last week’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, where the alleged shooter was believed to have posted a manifesto echoing white supremacist rhetoric on immigrants.

The Department of Homeland Security had already warned a decade ago about the dangers of domestic right-wing extremism, including white supremacist terrorism. As the Guardian noted, the agency circulated a report saying that the economic downturn and the election of America’s first black president would create “fertile ground” for right-wing radicalization. The report noted that white supremacist groups could target returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for recruitment, a tactic that the extremist group Atomwaffen Division was accused of using.

The Trump administration has faced criticism for what some believe is a lack of focus on white supremacist extremism. As The Inquisitr noted, the administration was accused of hiding a report showing that white supremacist groups were responsible for all the race-based acts of domestic terrorism in 2018.