Camila Coelho Shows Off Majorly Toned Bikini Bod

Camila Coelho wears a silver dress.
Kristy Sparow / Getty Images

Earlier today, Camila Coelho posted a brand new bikini pic. So far, it’s been liked by over 100,000 fans, and plenty of them sounded impressed by her toned bod.

The photo was taken from above Camila, as she casually sat in a blue folding chair. She sat on top of a colorful towel, as she rocked a black bikini. The model also accessorized with a red visor hat. She placed her left hand on her head in the first shot, while she let her right arm relax. She wore a watch and dark sunglasses.

Coelho’s tan and toned midriff was clearly visible. A second photo from the set showed Camila in the same seat, except she looked down with her arms on the armrests.

A third photo showed a man walking away from the camera, past a volleyball net.

Many of Camila’s fans complimented her abs.

“Feel free to give me four or five of your abs because D*MN,” exclaimed a fan.

“Abs are seriously OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!” added another fan.

Others sent their love to Coelho in different ways.

“I love you goddess you are my inspiration everyday I come to your feed to get motivation..,” said an Instagram user.

Meanwhile, a follower had a specific request to make.

“Plewseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell us your workout routine. As a loyal follower from the beginning, we would really be grateful for i it,” they said.”

In addition, Camila shared another photo yesterday. The Instagram update showed her rocking a white outfit, as she asked her fans what their summer color is.

The outfit consisted of a cropped top with sleeves that reached her elbows. It also tied in the front in such a way, that her chest was left exposed. Coelho wore a pair of matching, white pants. She accessorized with tan sandals and a black purse that she slung over her right shoulder.

Camila also wore her hair slicked down in a middle part. She pursed her lips slightly and looked down while wearing sunglasses and multiple bracelets.

“It’s such a pretty set! So don’t blame you,” said a fan, referring to Camila’s captions, where she revealed this was an outfit she’d worn before.

“Bright to neon colors or pastels…. No clue why,” responded a fan, sharing their favorite summer colors.

One fan seemed to have a piece of criticism.

“Your clothes are very beautiful, but I think that is not within the reach of many of us,” they said.