Olivia Culpo Gets Flirty In A Red Bikini

Olivia Culpo shared a new bikini pic today and, in return, fans are sending her tons of love.

The photo was taken as the sun was setting at the beach. Olivia smiled with her lips closed as she played with her long necklaces. She wore a simple, red string bikini.

She slicked her hair back into a low bun as a flowy, white shirt fell down her arms. Beside the model, a straw summer hat with dark ribbon served as a prop.

It looked like Culpo was mere feet from the water's edge. Large rock formations and green lawn were also visible behind her.

Fans delivered plenty of adoring comments for the model.

"You're so gorgeous, you're not even human," said a fan.

"It is ridiculous how lovely you are. Just saying," added a follower.

"You should be very proud of yourself," commented an Instagram user.

The sun going down in the background seemed extra dramatic thanks to the cloud formations, as another fan noticed.

"Your more beautiful then the sunset," they complimented.

"You look so content among other things," said another fan.

Prior to the bikini post, Olivia shared a slice of her home life. She posted several photos of herself holding her nephew, Remi, in her arms. The model wore a dazzling, gold outfit and wore her hair down in a slightly off-center part. The little boy looked happy and excited as Olivia took their photo.

Fans familiar with the Culpo family immediately saw the resemblance. And, while it is usually Olivia who steals the show on her social media feed, this time the young boy seemed to capture everyone's attention.

"Omg!! Your sisters complete twin!!" exclaimed a fan, while others also echoed the thought.

"If my child ever comes out like this I'm going to have to have 37," joked a follower.

"My day is brighter right now thank you Rémi!" said an Instagram user.

"He is so big already and cuter by the minute," added a fan.

Meanwhile, a fan was more interested in finding out about Olivia's makeup regimen.

"Beautiful. What do you use for your brows?" the commenter asked.

But that's not all.

Olivia previously posted a series of paparazzi pics, all showing the model rocking eye-catching, fashionable outfits.

The first photo in the set featured her wearing a lime green dress with long sleeves, a v-shaped neckline and cutouts on the side.

The update proved popular, with more than 164,000 people stopping by to hit the like button.