Justin Bieber Sparks Meth Panic As Paparazzi Pictures Shock The World

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Justin Bieber has sparked concern. The "Sorry" singer wasn't a major part of The Daily Mail's report covering a high-profile outing from Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian last night, although his face did pop up. As the newspaper chronicled, Justin and his wife Hailey joined the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars for dinner at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, California.

Comments left to the newspaper's comments section proved interesting. Given that the majority of the article and its photos were dedicated to Kendall's neon mini dress and sister Khloe's all-black ensemble, one might assume that nearly all of the fan responses would center around the sibling duo and their looks. While many comments were left to the 23-year-old supermodel and her 35-year-old sister, responses expressing concern for Bieber's appearance were marked. They manifested as upvoted comments, repeated opinions, and they were spread throughout the 299 replies left by users from across the globe.

"Wow Justin Bieber is the definition of 'meth face'," a user wrote with 410 others agreeing.

"Absolutely, look at the state of his skin," a user replied.

Separate comments seemed to echo the opinion that the pop star might be using methamphetamine.

"Bieber is a meth head..." one comment read.

"Bieber has a meth face," another added.

"Is Justin on meth?!" one asked.

"First off Justin Bieber needs to lay off the meth. It's showing all over his face. And Khloe is I could have sworn that was Donatella Versace," one fan stated.

A fan appearing to acknowledge Bieber's skin battles came in with a response.

"Yes it looks worse than acne, definitely Persian rugs," they wrote.

Regardless of the suspicions aroused by last night's photos, fans are likely wishing Justin all the best.