Sara Underwood Looks Smoking Hot In Minuscule Bikini On Horseback

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Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood shared a sizzling shot with her followers recently that showcased her incredible physique.

In the snap, Underwood was riding a brown and white horse without a saddle. Instead of donning pants or an outfit with a bit more coverage, she rocked a minuscule bikini that left very little to the imagination. The red and white patterned bikini could barely contain her ample assets, and the high rise of the skimpy bottoms almost made it appear as though she wasn’t wearing anything at all on her lower half. She accessorized with a bright yellow headband and rocked bare feet for the snap.

The horse stood next to a tree in front of a white fence in an area that appeared to be filled with greenery. The sunshine streamed through the branches and leaves of the tree, and the whole shot was illuminated in a way that seemed almost magical.

Underwood’s followers absolutely loved the stunning shot, which received over 60,900 likes. Though the snap was breathtaking, Underwood had a different reason for sharing it with her followers — she wanted a bit more information. She took to Instagram to ask her followers for their opinions on an issue that was close to her heart — animal welfare.

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I LOVE horses. I’ve had them throughout my life. I'm against carriages, racing, rodeos or forcing a horse to compete. BTW in my past I’ve been a willing participant in all of those, but that’s the great thing about time, if you use it grow. I still love riding (without a saddle, they don’t seem to like them, I know I wouldn’t), you can really bond with a horse through this. I believe it’s good for their health, it keeps them fit, just like when walking a dog. I’m sure there are plenty of people who feel we shouldn’t ride them at all. So to my animal lovers, what are your thoughts on this topic? @peta, I’m super curious to hear your stance on individuals riding horses, because I love and respect you guys so much ❤️ . ???? by @everchanginghorizon

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In the caption, Underwood explained that while she has previously participated in activities that feature horses, such as rodeos or horse racing, she no longer feels it’s right. The only horse-centric activity that she decided she feels okay about is horseback riding, without putting a tight saddle on a horse.

She asked her animal-loving followers what their thoughts were on the issue, and even shouted out to the animal rights powerhouse PETA to get their opinion. And, since Underwood is a celebrity with a wide reach on social media, PETA ended up responding to her query.

“Good question! In a perfect world, horses would be free to pursue their own lives and humans wouldn’t make demands of them… If we look honestly at our relationship with horses, we must acknowledge that the decision to take part in horseback riding is made solely by one individual with little benefit to and no input from the other. Horses deserve to live their lives as nature intended. We can connect with horses in our care and have a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with these sensitive animals without climbing on top of them.”

Many of Underwood’s followers shared their own opinions and experiences in the comments section, and it appears that the blonde bombshell has many animal-loving fans.