Lindsay Lohan Dubbed A Drug Addict In Spaced-Out Selfie Sending Muslim Wishes

Lindsay Lohan has her fans worried. The Mean Girls actress has already sparked concern over her friendship with Saudi Arabia's crown prince, per The Inquisitr, although the latest wave of worry doesn't appear to involve Mohammad bin Salman. The 33-year-old's Instagram update today did, however, appear to acknowledge the influence her recent Middle Eastern activities have had on her: they came with wishes for the festival of Eid.

Lindsay's photo came as a selfie. The redhead was rocking a natural look as she held the camera and delivered a small smile. The star appeared makeup-free with her fiery locks down, although concerned fans haven't been picking up on Lohan's beauty. They've been honing in on what appeared to be a spaced-out look from Lindsay, with her eyes appearing a little tired and her expression a touch vacant.

Replies expressing concern quickly came in, with some of the star's fans appearing worried that she is using drugs.

"Step away from the crack," one fan wrote.

"Cocaine's a hell of a drug," another stated.

"Marijuana in your eyes?" one user asked.

Many comments did, however, come in sending Lindsay well wishes right back. Users appearing to come from Muslim countries seemed grateful that Lindsay had taken the time to honor their annual calendar event, with a fair few users responding in Arabic.

Nonetheless, queries over Lindsay's appearance manifested throughout the comments. The star was told by multiple users that she looked tired, while others felt that Lindsay looks older than her 33 years. Unfortunately for Lindsay, probing over alleged drug use was upvoted. Then again, fans did come out to defend Lohan. One fan seemed angered that the actress' fanbase was jumping to conclusions, per their comment.
"Just because she doesn't have make up on doesn't mean she's on drugs. You guys trolling are so mean and should get a life. You couldn't look better than her on her worse days. Lindsay Lohan is a forever icon. You're beautiful Babe, keep shining like the diamond that you are!"
Replies to the comment appeared mixed, with some fans backing it, although one fan stated that Lindsay "barely has any pupils."
Regardless of the accusations, Lindsay and her selfie proved popular overall. The update had racked up over 63,000 likes within just two hours of going live. The same time frame brought over 1,200 fans into the comments section.

Lindsay has 7.8 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her account.