August 10, 2019
'Clinton Body Count' Trends On Twitter As Jeffrey Epstein's Apparent Suicide Revives Old Conspiracy Theory

The term "Clinton Body Count" reached the top of Twitter trends on Saturday as the decades-old conspiracy theory was revived after billionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's shocking suicide.

Officials said that Epstein hanged himself in his Manhattan jail cell sometime in the morning hours on Saturday. He was rushed to a hospital in cardiac arrest and declared dead.

Epstein's death led to some strong and immediate reactions, with many demanding answers as to how he could have taken his life when he had reportedly been on suicide watch in the jail's protective housing unit.

Others suggested that Epstein could have been murdered to prevent him from outing other powerful people alleged to have been involved in the underage sex ring. As The Inquisitr previously reported, court documents released this week showed that a woman accusing Epstein of forcing her into sexual slavery named a number of powerful and important men, including a foreign president.

There was some immediate speculation that Bill Clinton could have been involved, reviving a decades-old conspiracy theory called the "Clinton Body Count" that claimed the Clintons have orchestrated the deaths of a number of their political enemies. The theory predated the modern internet, including the 1993 suicide of White House aide Vince Foster, which some had claimed was really a murder orchestrated by the Clintons.

There were a number of investigations into Foster's death, all determining that he had taken his life and was not murdered.

The hashtag #ClintonBodyCount rose to the top of Twitter's trends on Saturday, with many positing the theory that they could have been involved in silencing Epstein in some way, despite no details released yet about his apparent suicide, and no evidence connecting the Clintons or any others.

The hashtag did not appear organically, many noted. Journalist Alex Mohajer noted on Twitter that analysis showed that the hashtag was pushed heavily by bots.

As NBC News noted, the idea of a "Clinton Body Count" first emerged through a newsletter published by Linda Thompson, a former attorney in Indianapolis. She theorized that a number of people with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton had died under mysterious circumstances, and Foster was included on the list.

Critics have pointed out that the list is made up largely of people with very tenuous connections to the Clintons along with a number of fabrications about their manner of death, done to make it appear as if the Clintons could have had involvement in their deaths.

This is now the second time in a matter of weeks that the "Clinton Body Count" has trended on Twitter in relation to Jeffrey Epstein. Less than two weeks ago, news that Epstein was found injured in his jail cell revived the decades-old conspiracy theory and the term again reached the top of trends for the social media site.

As NBC News reported, the immediate conjecture that Epstein had attempted suicide and was being placed on suicide watch led many to blame Bill and Hillary Clinton, with the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount garnering more than 70,000 tweets.

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