Hilde Osland Rocks Super-Tight Crop Top

Hilde Osland takes a selfie.
Hildeee / Instagram

Hilde Osland shared a series of three new Instagram pics, and her fans are going absolutely wild over them. The model asked everyone which photo they liked best, which has prompted plenty of followers to leave a comment with their opinion.

The photos show Osland wearing a super-tight crop tank and a pair of high-waisted jeans. The top was a light lavender color and featured thin straps. On the other hand, the jeans were light blue with rips on the front thighs.

All three photos were taken outside at the beach. Hilde wore her hair up in a super-messy bun and accessorized her hot outfit with a gold necklace that had her name on it.

The first photo of the series showed the model placing her hands on her lower back, as she tilted her head to the right and gave a slight smile with her lips parted. She wore heavy eye makeup and light pink lipstick. Osland also rocked gold hoop earrings.

This photo was popular with many of the fans, who noted that it was their personal favorite out of the three.

“I will go with 1 for the smile!” exclaimed a fan, whose sentiments were echoed by many others.

In addition, the second photo showed Osland from further away. She turned to her side, and showed off her derriere while placing her hands in front of her. This time, she turned her head to the right and gave another smile with her lips closed.

The final photo was a slight variation of the second. She put her thumbs through the front belt loops, and crossed her right leg in front of the other.

Many fans raved that the third photo was their favorite.

“I absolutely love them all.. but if I had to choose it would have to be 3… you have a happy face and you look so beautiful.. I bet your mum is so proud of you.. take care Hun,” commented a follower.

Others weren’t so sure how to choose a favorite photo.

“Are you crazy??? All 3 your way to pretty to pick just one,” stated an Instagram user.

“Come on! That a trick question, that impossible to choose,” said another fan.


And for many fans, it wasn’t about choosing a favorite photo but about complimenting the model.

“Sweet Jesus, you’re gorgeous x,” said a follower.

“Your like a breath of fresh air pure beauty,” said a fan.