WWE News: Steve Austin Reveals What Surprised Him Most About Becky Lynch

Steve Austin poses with a beer

WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s opinion carries a lot of weight in the wrestling world. Having reached the top of the mountain by turning his character into one of the best the industry has ever seen, he knows a thing or two about taking the ball and running with it. He never shies away from expressing his viewpoints either, so when he dishes out praise you know it’s a big deal.

With this in mind, it’s interesting to learn that he’s been impressed with Becky Lynch. Speaking to Bleacher Report, the Hall of Famer revealed how the Raw Women’s Champion has caught his eye in recent months, and how she’s surprised him with her ability.

“She is more charismatic than I first thought. She has broken so much ground with this “Man” character and how she came up with it. She’s very spontaneous and very quick — not just with an answer, but with a well-thought-out answer. I love that she stays composed. Her passion for the business rivals mine. And that’s not something I often say. Her episode was one of my favorites of the new show. Becky Lynch is the real deal. She’s a woman, but she’s The Man.”

The show Austin is referring to is Straight Up Steve Austin, which will debut on USA Network on this coming Monday at 11 p.m. ET. The series will see the Hall of Famer get down to the nitty gritty with celebrities by challenging them to drive monster trucks, drink beer and crush cars.

While he appears to have enjoyed the episode on which Lynch appears, Austin seems to be more of a fan of her WWE work. To say her passion for the wrestling industry “rivals” his own is no small feat, and her ability to captivate audiences with her promos is similar to his own.

Like Austin before her, Lynch shot to fame when she seemed forever destined to remain in midcard purgatory. Prior to becoming the Stone Cold character, Austin was known as The Ringmaster — a gimmick which stood no chance of appealing to the masses — and in a similar situation to her.

Lynch also reinvented herself to become a force in the company. Once upon a time, she was a happy-go-lucky babyface that was popular but far from WWE’s priority talent. But then she became The Man, adopting more of a tweener persona and soaring to the top as a result.

While their characters are different, the similarities between Lynch and Austin are uncanny in many ways. Perhaps he sees a lot of himself in the current star.