August 10, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein's Friends, Possibly Bill Clinton, May Be 'Breathing A Sign Of Relief,' Says Deroy Murdock

The apparent suicide of convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has ignited anger and conspiracy theories, per The Inquisitr. Given Epstein's many powerful friends, including president Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton, many believe it's no coincidence he was reportedly not on suicide watch at the time of his death.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said he believes that Epstein's network of high-profile associates are likely "breathing a sigh of relief" after the disgraced financier's suicide. Fox News reports that he also raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Epstein's death.

"Apparently he was supposed to be on suicide watch," he said. "Given how high profile a suspect he is, you'd think there would be a doctor in there …. and cameras and lights to make sure nothing like this happen."

"The fact he was able to either commit suicide or somebody got to him -- who knows what happened because so little information here -- it is amazing," he added.

Murdock highlighted the famous people connected to Epstein, including Clinton, and suggested that it's possible they were involved.

"There are a lot of very high-profile people who may be breathing a sigh of relief that this witness of all those allegations no longer is with us."
Murdock also said he is curious to see the autopsy results, suggesting that he believes foul play might have played a role in Epstein's death.
Per The Inquisitr, Epstein has long been treated well despite his legal troubles. He received a cushy 13-month sentence that allowed for work release. Even after soliciting and procuring prostitution from an underage prostitute and during this stint, his cell door was reportedly left open.

He also reportedly received lavish lunches delivered to his office during his time while he worked. He also was visited by young girls. However, the visitation logs accounting for these girls are reportedly missing, making it difficult to determine if they were underage.

Epstein was facing up to 45 years in prison for the most recent charges against him which were sexually exploiting and abusing underage girls. At the time of this death, he had pled not guilty to the crimes and was denied bail.

CNN reported that private investigator Michael Fisten claims Epstein abused girls as young as 13. Once they lost their prepubescent look, lost their braces and grew too old for his liking, Fisten claims the disgraced financier used them to recruit younger girls.

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