‘Big Brother 21’ Players Figure Out Viewers Voting Strategy Behind America’s Field Trip

Monty BrintonCBS

Warning: This article reveals the outcome of Big Brother‘s America’s Field Trip competition.

America’s Field Trip is one of the many twists on Season 21 of Big Brother. The new competition was revealed by host Julie Chen two weeks ago when she announced America would be selecting three houseguests for a special field trip. Out of the three houseguests, one would receive safety for the week, one would be given a punishment and one would be put on the block as a special third nominee. The houseguests competed in a competition, and their ranking would determine what they were granted for the week.

As reported previously by The Inquisitr, Jackson Michie, Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy were selected to play in America’s Field Trip. It was also revealed that if the current Head of Household was in the top three, the fourth houseguest would be chosen for the competition. It’s possible Tommy Bracco was chosen to compete, but since he is the current HOH, he was not eligible. Jack Matthews was also eligible for quite some time until he was evicted last Thursday.

Jackson won the competition, meaning he is safe for the week, Analyse came in second, giving her a chicken suit punishment and Christie came in last, which makes her the week’s third nominee.

Shortly after the twist was revealed and the competition was completed, the houseguests began discussing America’s voting strategy behind the field trip. At first, some of the houseguests speculated that favorites were chosen, but after deliberation, they figured out that the game’s disliked players were those selected.

Jackson figured it out first and was sure he was one of the most disliked players in the game.

“I think 100% it was three least favorite players. You don’t put your favorite players in that comp. That was a straight-up punishment comp. America does not like us,” Jackson told his showmance partner, Holly Allen, just after the competition.

“I feel like America hates me,” Christie said shortly after losing.

While it all could have been speculation on the part of the houseguests, following Big Brother trends on Twitter would prove that fans were, in fact, voting for who they liked the least in the game. The Inquisitr previously reported on the campaign to get the most disliked players in the bottom three, and their strategy worked.

Viewers were not concerned that one of their most disliked players would win safety. To them, it was more important to guarantee one of these houseguests ended up as a third nominee on the block.

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