Charlie Sheen Won’t Seek Custody Of His Twins At This Time According To A Source

Rich PolkGetty Images

Despite his former wife Brooke Mueller heading back to rehab, sources say that Charlie Sheen won’t be seeking full custody of their twin boys, age ten.

PageSix is reporting that Mueller is back in rehab after her “spiral into a drug-induced meltdown.” A source revealed that at this time, Sheen is not ready to seek full custody of the boys, Bobby and Max, as he is concerned that it would make things worse for their mother.

“Charlie is not ready to seek sole custody of his kids with Brooke. He’s worried it will send her into a worse tailspin. And if he would seek sole custody, there would be a replay of all of his deeds over the years.”

Sheen has had his own battles with substance abuse in the past, but stated in January that he had one year of sobriety under his belt. The source continued saying that even though Sheen won’t be heading to court at this time to obtain full custody of the boys doesn’t mean that he isn’t very concerned about the situation. “Charlie is very upset over the situation. Basically, he feels she is using the child-support money [he pays her] to get high.”

Sheen and Mueller were married in 2008 and divorced in 2010 after she accused him of domestic violence. At this time, Mueller has physical custody of the boys, and Sheen pays her $55,000 a month in child support. Recently the actor reportedly filed to reduce that amount, claiming he is now getting less work in Hollywood. It’s unclear if Sheen has regular visitation with the twins, or if he plans to amend the agreement in any way other than financial.

Mueller is currently in a rehab facility, and Sheen released a statement to assure the public that the boys are in safe hands.

“Between myself and the boys’ two amazing sets of grandparents, we continue to seamlessly love, shelter and protect Bob and Max from the haphazard choices and unsightly behavior their mom refuses to extinguish once and for all.”

According to The Inquisitr, Mueller was caught on tape kneeling in a van outside a hotel, holding a drug pipe while one of the twins was inside the hotel room (the other was at camp). She had also been caught with a suitcase of drugs on a trip to the Hamptons.

Sources stated that at various times over the last year, the boys were unsafe, being left in the custody of strangers while Mueller was trying to buy drugs.