Kelly Ripa Shares Rare Hot Tub Video With 18-Year-Old Daughter Lola

Kelly Ripa visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on October 26, 2017.
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Fans of Kelly Ripa usually get their fix of the star via one of two ways: either they tune into Live! with Kelly and Ryan or they follow the 48-year-old on Instagram. The latter is more likely to deliver Kelly’s family, although fans of the star will know that the vibe is more throwback than up-to-date with Kelly. This especially applies to Kelly’s daughter Lola Grace Consuelos, with the 18-year-old only having featured as an adult in a handful of her mother’s photos.

There’s another route, though. Kelly will take to her Instagram stories, where anything posted only remains live for 24 hours.

Kelly took to her Instagram stories last night. She posted several videos, although all came with the same hot tub and late-night setting. The blonde had filmed a family moment that included Lola, although it opened up with Kelly’s father-in-law and what seemed to be him not quite getting the grip of how modern-day technology works. Husband Mark Conseulos’ father Saul was looking confused as Kelly explained that she was making a video, with Kelly’s interpretation of Saul’s reaction forming part of the accompanying text.

“My father in law is not sure how insta stories work,” Kelly wrote.

“Still unclear,” she continued.

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Middle child vibes ???????????? #favoritedaughter

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Fans were likely making a beeline for the individuals in the hot tub, though. They manifested as various youthful faces referred to by Kelly as “cousins,” although Lola was clearly visible. She was filmed smiling, looking up at the camera, and hugging one of her cousins. Unfortunately, the footage was somewhat blurry, with fans likely unable to determine whether Kelly’s two other children were present.

“These kids,” Kelly wrote at the bottom of the video.

Lola’s presence on her mother’s Instagram has proven somewhat explosive this year – enough to make People‘s headlines. In June, this teenager finally gave her mother the green light to go ahead and post “prom” photos (seen above), although the caption from Kelly made it clear that Lola is a cautious one when it comes to social media. Lola herself has an Instagram account that’s on lockdown, with fans needing to follow it in order to view any images.

Kelly and Mark may not come with a Kardashian-West level of glam, but their status as one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting couples renders them unique and much-loved. The two have been married for over 23 years. Lola is the couple’s middle child. The family of five also includes her brothers, Joaquin and Michael.

Kelly’s video may not remain live for long, but followers of this mother’s account are likely glad that she posted it.