’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Says Jay Smith Cheated With ‘6 Girls’ During Marriage

Ashley Martson attending fashion show during New York Fashion Week.
John Lamparski / Getty Images

Ashley Martson is sharing new details about her failed relationship with Jay Smith, including the fact that Smith cheated with multiple women during their marriage, according to a report from In Touch Weekly.

The couple met while Martson was on vacation in Jamaica but didn’t have the opportunity to exchange contact information. However, after returning to the United States, Martson realized the Jamaican tattoo artist had tracked her down on Facebook, and the two began dating online. After getting to know each other, the mother-of-two returned to the island, where Smith proposed marriage and the couple began making plans to live together in the United States. Martson filed for the K-1 visa for her new beau, and the pair married within the allotted 90-day period.

Soon after the wedding, Martson learned that Smith had been chatting online with other women, but eventually made the decision to forgive him. The two tried to make their relationship work, but it seems Smith wasn’t able to stay faithful. During their time on the show, it was revealed that Smith had sex with one of his tattoo clients in the bathroom of a local barbershop, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

While appearing on the reunion special, Smith revealed he has only had sex with three women in the United States, including Martson, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Jay apologized [for cheating] all the way until the day he got arrested and tried to get back with me, but I knew that he had multiple relations,” Martson said. “Unfortunately, the girl he’s with now is not the only person he was talking to right before he went to jail. [I] confirmed [there are] six girls that he slept with since we got married.”

Martson went on to say she doesn’t believe Smith actually wanted to work on their relationship but that he had ulterior motives while apologizing.

“I think he was only trying to do that because he wanted the green card, and I’m the only person that can sign for it,” she said. “I don’t truly think he wanted to be with me.”

Since Martson refused to sign for Smith’s green card and their marriage was now over, it meant Smith was living in the country illegally. He was detained by ICE and spent four weeks in custody until he was bailed out by his boss, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Smith is expected to appear in front of a judge for a deportation hearing to decide whether he’ll be able to stay in America or be forced to return to his home country. In the past, Martson has expressed her desire to see Smith deported, but now she just hopes he’ll leave her alone.