Jojo Babie Falls Out Of Tiny Schoolgirl Outfit

Jojo Babie wears a crop top.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie captured her fans’ attention a couple of days ago when she shared a photo of herself on Instagram rocking a schoolgirl outfit. She mentioned in the captions that school’s going to be starting back up soon.

Babie’s outfit consisted of a super-small crop top, which was white with small sleeves. It also tied in the front center and was arguably too small for her assets. Meanwhile, she paired the top with a red plaid skirt. Jojo playfully tugged at the hem of the skirt with her right hand while popping her left hip.

The model also wore knee-high white socks and black heels. She also sported a pair of glasses for the shot and wore her hair down in an off-center part. She held a phone with her left hand and smiled slightly for the shot.

Jojo stood in front of white closet doors. The photo has received over 114,000 likes so far, with fans sending their love.

“It’s back to school time again,” said a fan.

“Love the school girl [sic] look on you,” added another fan.

“Ouu that’s a classic look @jojo_babie and you pull it off the best,” declared a follower.

Other fans also played off Jojo’s outfit to pay her a compliment.

“The most beautiful student,” said a follower.

“Can you please pick up my pencil it’s behind you,” joked another follower.

“The most beautiful asian angel,” added an Instagram user.

Since then, Jojo has also shared another photo of herself. This time, she was spotted outside at a park while wearing a bright outfit while walking two white dogs. The model’s outfit consisted of an orange sports bra and bright blue leggings. She held the dogs’ leash in her left hand while wearing her hair down in luxurious curls.

Babie accessorized with aviator sunglasses for the shot, which has been liked over 79,000 times so far.

Many of the model’s fans were distracted by her dogs.

“I you haven’t shown billy in a while now where’s rocky…I miss your snaps when you used to show them playing..,” said a fan.

“Awwwwww I will!!!!” responded Jojo.

“Your [sic] looking awesome JoJo, Billy and Rocky look great. Have a blessed day,” added another follower.

Another fan had a question about her dog.

“Hi jojo is the big one a Husky? Love your going for a stroll look,” they said.

“Yes!!!” said Babie.

Even as the summer is nearing an end for some people, it looks like Jojo is keeping the summer vibe alive on her Instagram. Fans can hope for more playful and flirty snaps in the coming days.