‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian & Kim Prepare To Leave Town, Alexis Is Shaken

Alexis gets some dreaded news next week.

General Hospital stars Tamara Braun and William deVry.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Alexis gets some dreaded news next week.

The week of August 5 on General Hospital will have Julian Jerome and Kim Nero preparing to leave town together. When Kim decided that it was just too much for her to stay in Port Charles without Oscar, she broke the news to Julian that she was leaving. He knows how much she is hurting, so he offered to go with her. Now they are meeting with Lucy next week to not only sell Kim’s place, but also Charlie’s Pub.

What does Alexis think about her ex taking off? She hasn’t caught wind of the news yet, but she certainly will on Monday. As seen in the newest General Hospital preview that the ABC soap posted, Kristina just found out that Julian is selling Charlie’s. She is sure that her mom will be surprised when she finds out, and she is right. As Kim is sitting down with Lucy Coe to get the ball rolling in selling her place, Alexis walks in and overhears Julian and Kristina talking.

Julian will finally break the news that he and Kim are moving to New York City. Alexis will be shocked. She just assumed that he would always be there, despite them not being together anymore. According to the print version of Soap Opera Digest, Alexis will take on the attitude that it doesn’t bother her that Julian is leaving.

Despite having the best intentions, Julian will be faced with all that he is leaving behind. He really does love Kim and wants to be with her, but he is leaving behind his sons, Lucas and Leo, and also his grandson, Wiley. Then there is Sam. The magazine details that he still has some “unfinished business” with his daughter.

It’s likely that Julian will eventually change his mind. As for Kim, she may just be going to New York City alone. Of course, she could also change her mind about leaving. In a recent report by The Inquisitr, actress Tamara Braun’s future on General Hospital is uncertain. There has been no word on whether her character will stay or go at this point.

With Franco possibly getting Drew’s memories planted into his brain, that may prompt Kim to stick around if he remembers Drew’s romance with her. Maybe that will prompt Drew to actually remember his own past. Billy Miller is exiting GH, so his character of Drew Cain will possibly be leaving town. Will Kim go with him instead of Julian?

There are many questions that will eventually be answered soon on who is staying and who will be leaving. Keep checking back for more General Hospital updates.