Victoria’s Secret Angel Leomie Anderson Rocks A Zip-Up Bikini

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Leomie Anderson has been sharing a steady stream of videos and photos lately. Her newest post on Instagram showed her rocking a neon-yellow bikini top, and it has her fans talking.

In the photo, Leomie was spotted posing with her phone in her left hand. She placed her right hand behind her neck and gave a coy look while tilting her head to her left. She wore her hair down and popped her left hip.

The bikini top had thick straps and was neon yellow, with black trim on the edges and a zipper in front. Anderson left it somewhat unzipped, and added a black, thong-cut bikini bottom to complete her look. Her chiseled midriff was on full display.

The model also accessorized with a silver necklace. It was a chain with large hardware and had an industrial vibe. She also wore a bracelet and rocked super-glossy lipstick.

The second and third photos were slight variations of the first snap. In all of the images, Leomie gave coy looks and posed inside what appears to be a luxurious bathroom. However, the backdrop was not well lit, leaving much of it a mystery.

Over 13,000 fans have liked the photo so far, with plenty of people referring to Leomie’s captions in their comments.

“What!!? This is how hell looks?! Sign me up lol,” joked a fan.

“Why are you going through actual hell you are blessed, period Pooh!” asked a follower.

The model responded to this comment with some details.

“Because someone is trying to ruin my business and is f*cking with my mental sis!” said Anderson.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Just know..New levels, new devils! Get lawyer’d up, seek a mentor, and talk to God..we’re rooting for you love,” added the follower.

But that was hardly all, as other fans were more focused on the outfit that she wore.

“Where are the bottoms from, gorgeous? I love them,” asked a follower.

“Sis please I think you mean the bra which is from @lappthebrand,” responded Leomie, as the two later went back and forth again about the bottoms.

Others were distracted by her makeup.

“Girl you gon be straight believe that. But we need the deets on this gloss,” said an Instagram user.

Fans can hope that the Victoria’s Secret Angel will continue to add more photos in the upcoming days. And perhaps she’ll keep people updated on the “hell” that she’s going through right now.

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