Sahara Ray Spills Out Of Super Tiny Bikini

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Sahara Ray announced a sale on items from her bikini line today, but did it in such a convincing way that plenty of fans were excited to make new purchases.

The update showed Sahara rocking a light-colored bikini, but the photo was very dark, so it was hard to see the exact color. She stood outdoors with the sun setting, and held a glass of wine in her right hand. Behind her, you could see a large palm tree.

The model’s bikini top was very small, as her assets were hardly contained. Her bottoms were just as small, and featured straps that rested high on her upper hips.

Ray tilted her head to the left slightly, as she looked far into the distance. Her hair was pulled up into a slick, high bun.

A second photo was even more revealing than the first, as she rocked a pair of small, thong-cut bottoms. The side of her chest was also exposed, while she placed her hands by her sides. The photo was cropped in such a way, that you couldn’t see her face.

The photo has been liked over 10,000 times, and fans let Ray know exactly what they thought of the update.

“Glad I ordered this exact bikini top & bottom,” said a fan.

“You know which suit I want,” commented Violetta Benson, who appears to be friends with the model.

“Yes this one is my favorite ever. Seeing you this weekend to give you swim,” responded Sahara.

Others wanted to know more about the swimsuit.

“What size are you wearing?” asked a follower.

“Ok ok I need this how longs this sale lasting bby,” wondered another curious fan.

In addition, Sahara’s second-newest Instagram update was a GIF of a movie clip. It showed a girl sitting in front of flowers with her hair down. She smiled as an angel flew around her, and helped powder her face.

“Does somebody know from which movie it is? Thanks!” asked a fan.

While their question went unanswered, another thread of comments revealed that the fans thought it was from Fantasia.

Others focused on complimenting the model.

“You are the real fairy tale!” declared an Instagram user.

“And that’s what angels are like! Love this,” added another follower.

This clip has been viewed over 89,000 times.

For now, fans can hope that Sahara will share another Instagram update soon, as it looks like she’s still enjoying her summer by rocking various bikinis.

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