Miley Cyrus’ Bikini Twerking Has Cringing Fans Straight-Up Embarrassed

Miley Cyrus attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018
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Miley Cyrus is causing a stir. The SHE IS COMING singer took to Instagram earlier today for a little action that doubled as a chance for her to pose in a bikini. Miley sent her followers a reminder of her killer body in a tiny white, two-piece thong bikini as she worked her body to music by Aaliyah. The singer’s booty-shaking moves included some twerk-like action, plus what appeared to Miley generally jamming out in a sunny lakeside setting.

Miley’s update didn’t take long to make the Daily Mail‘s headlines, with viewers of the newspaper’s report quick to leave their thoughts. It looks like the star has been getting the thumbs-down.

“What an embarrassment,” read the most upvoted comment, racking up 76 likes in under 45 minutes.

“Wow. No words,” another user wrote.

“Stop just stop,” another pleaded.

Some viewers also mentioned Miley’s marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth, given that the two tied the knot in a low-key wedding at the end of December last year.

“Oh Liam. What were you thinking,” a fan stated, with over 41 users agreeing.

While not all comments voiced an embarrassed state by using the word, it did seem that the consensus was there, alongside the most upvoted comment reflecting it. A few commenters also questioned Miley’s sanity, with one fan calling the singer “mental.”

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Fans would likely agree that Miley’s psychological state is stable. The former Hannah Montana star might have upped the ante on the sexual front since her teen television days, but the adult Miley has a serious side as well. The star’s raunchy dancing and tongue poses are balanced out by certain level-headedness. Miley’s philanthropy, for instance, is more than just a case of posing with a check. That also applies to the thought process behind Miley’s equality-embracing “Mother’s Daughter” video.

Nonetheless, it seemed that viewers of the Daily Mail‘s report were slamming today’s display.

“Dear Liam, how could you marry this? Seriously? It’s an embarrassment,” one user wrote.


Then again, a few comments came out voicing support. One fan seemed angered by all the negativity, per their comment.

“Horrible comments being posted here. Unkind and mean-spirited. By saying these cruel things you only demonstrate your own shortcomings. As if Miley Cyrus cares what people like you think of her. She is a beautiful, positive and accomplished young woman and Liam Hemsworth is a very lucky man.”

Over on Miley’s Instagram, the update appeared to prove a hit. The video had racked up over 2.2 million likes within five hours of going live. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna was among those who left positive comments.

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