Kylie Jenner’s Paparazzi Bikini Photos Shock The World

Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Regardless of the location or situation, Kylie Jenner is a headline-maker. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been fronting media outlets this week for her travels. As The Daily Mail reports, the 21-year-old is currently in Italy with boyfriend Travis Scott, their 1-year-old daughter Stormi and various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

While photos of Kylie aboard a superyacht have gotten fans talking about the star’s luxurious lifestyle, today’s buzz appears to be centering around the makeup mogul appearing in swimwear.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail today showed Kylie flaunting her famous curves in a rocky and sun-drenched setting backed by the Amalfi Coast’s rocks.

Kylie covered her legs with a stylish and loose-fitting pair of pants made of fabric featuring zig-zag earth tones, but her pink halterneck bikini top was upping the ante with a little cleavage display. The brunette was snapped heading to lunch, with images showing her in close quarters with Travis and Stormi. Kylie was photographed wearing shades, although the star often showed her face by removing the sunglasses.

Viewers of The Daily Mail‘s images have been leaving their thoughts in the newspaper’s comments section. While remarks were not exclusively negative, many seemed to express shock at seeing paparazzi photos of Kylie versus the usual, glossy images that appear on her social media.

Comments came in from across the globe.

“Her stomach looks very different in real life without filters!” one user exclaimed with others agreeing.

While there’s no denying that remarks were hurtful, many seemed to take the route of plastic surgery accusations.

“Such a huge, fake butt” was the most upvoted response.

“What has happened to her shape?” one fan asked.

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One remark seemed to hone in on the candid situation versus the images that appear on Kylie’s social media profiles, although the comment didn’t specify this.

“Somehow she doesn’t look as slim as she does in other photos? Wonder why?” the user asked.

“Looks a lot different to all her photos, she actually looks white and not orange! Just goes to show how edited her photos are” was a comment that definitely pointed towards this, though.

Kylie frequently falls under fire for allegedly editing her social media images. The star and her extended family are known to make headlines for seeing fans call Photoshop, with Seventeen chronicling an entire gallery of images alleged to have had a little tweak here or there.

As for cosmetic surgery, Kylie maintains that she has never gone under the knife. In fact, the most Kylie has admitted to are the lip injections she has received.

A popular comment seemed pleased to see the paparazzi delivery, but the comment likewise came as a slamming one.

“Pls keep these unairbrushed pics coming,” the user wrote.