Cardi B Shocks Fans And Nearly Starts A Twitter War

Ser BaffoGetty Images

Cardi B is known for controversy, and her latest Twitter war truly shocked some of the rapper’s fans.

The “I Like It” singer shared something truly shocking on the social media network.

“People who put their ketchup in the fridge are not to be trusted,” she stated on Twitter.

People from all walks of life instantly chimed in worried about the rapper’s health after her statement. Several pointed out that ketchup is fine on the shelf in the stores, it is supposed to be refrigerated after opening. Some followers even took pictures of the back of their ketchup bottles, which said that for best results to refrigerate the popular tomato-based condiment once the seal is broken.

Many fans also wanted to know where Cardi puts the ketchup if she isn’t storing it in the fridge after each use.

“On top of the fridge where it is nice and room temperature to put on your eggs in the morning,” she replied on Twitter.

The rapper also reiterated that she hates cold ketchup on her eggs. She also dislikes mayonnaise altogether. It seems that cold hot sauce ruins her mood as well.

While a few people agreed with Cardi’s list of condiment complaints, several could not get past the potential hazards of not correctly storing ketchup. The vast majority of replies disagreed with the initial ketchup tweet.

Some people who commented came up with other types of people who could not be trusted.

“People who drug and Rob people are not to be trusted,” wrote one fan.

“People who don’t stream ‘Bodak Yellow’ are not to be trusted. #BodakYellowToDiamond,” replied another.

While many people felt Cardi’s habit is gross, so far it seems to work for her, leading many people to finally drop it. However, the unexpected tweet generatedthe thousands of comments.

Recently, Hollywood Life reported that the rapper and her husband Offset might have a wedding despite getting married in secret nearly two years ago in September 2017. While they loved their private ceremony with only the officiant and Cardi’s cousin attending, there’s always the possibility that they will declare their love for each other with a splashy vow renewal sometime in the future.

Last December, the couple briefly split after rumors after Offset’s infidelity surfaced, but they reunited in February 2019. Cardi, 26 and Offset, 27 share one child together, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who turned 1-year-old in July. For now, there is no word as to if their baby uses the unrefrigerated ketchup that the rapper likes to keep on top of the fridge.