Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Does Lunges In A Teeny Striped Bikini

ainsley rodriguez bikini selfie
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Fitness star Ainsley Rodriguez is used to setting pulses spiking, either through her personal training regimens or by posting sizzling shots of her killer body. Earlier this week, the brunette beauty did a mixture of both by uploading a video to Instagram as she did a series of lunges and other leg exercises while wearing a teeny striped bikini.

Ainsley can be said to have brains as well as buns, as the Instagram influencer has leveraged her nearly two million followers to create a personal training company that currently employs eight people.

The Miami native also often posts about her success stories, doing before and after shots of her clients and their incredible transformations. If their workouts are anything like Ainsley’s then it’s easy to understand the weight loss.

In her recent upload, the fitness fanatic posted a series of five exercises. The first consisted of Ainsley completing a series of lunges after she playfully waved at the camera and put a flower in her hair.

The second video consisted of Ainsley doing lunges yet again, but this time upping the ante by elevating her back leg.

The third clip shows Ainsley stepping up onto a bench and raising her thigh in another difficult maneuver.

The fourth exercise is nearly a duplicate of the first, but this time with a tricky hop added to the routine.

Finally, the series concludes with a staggered lunge.

Despite joking that her legs were dead after the challenge, the update was worthwhile. Heaps of praise poured in and the post garnered nearly 42,000 likes and more than 800 comments.

“Always looking better and better,” wrote a fan, adding two fire emoji to convey her hotness.

“You made my night,” added another with the ok sign and heart-eye emoji.

“I love you…” concluded a third, also adding several heart-eye emoji.

Though Ainsley is known for working hard during her gym sessions, she is not afraid to play hard as well. She posted a picture of herself rocking a fashionable ensemble to indicate her fun excursions. In the picture, Ainsley dons a loose black blouse that features a seriously low cut to show off her cleavage. Adding to the sultriness of the shot, she also tied the shirt around her waist to better show off her hourglass figure. Completing the look was a pair of casual ripped jeans and chic lace up heels.

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The picture earned over 25,000 likes and over 880 comments.

“Wow. Smart and Gorgeous,” wrote in a fan.

“Spicy,” added a second with a heart-eye emoji.

“Amazing hun,” finished a third.