Tabria Majors Shows Off 230-Pound Body In Nude Photo Shoot, Slams Haters Who Think She Doesn’t Work Out

Lars NikiGetty Images

Plus-size model Tabria Majors is hitting back at those who believe that being bigger means not working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle after being featured completely nude on the cover of Women’s Health.

In the cover photo, the model sits on the floor of a greenhouse with her knees pulled up to her chest as she gazes serenely towards the camera. She bares her entire body, strategically covering her chest with one arm while she rests the other on her shoulder. Majors wears her hair natural and loose around her face while donning a bit of eye makeup and lipstick.

Another photo in the spread features the model standing up with her back to the camera as she reaches up to touch the door frame of the greenhouse. Standing on her toes, Majors shoots a coy look behind her, with a slight smile on her face.

In the accompanying article that she wrote for the magazine, Majors spills her truth and experiences about being a plus-size model while hitting back at the negative stereotypes associated with her body type. She explains that even fellow models hold negative stereotypes about her for being plus-sized, making comments about how “lucky” she is to be able to live a sedentary lifestyle and eat junk food. However, she says this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“People think that because I’m bigger, I don’t work out; but I’m quite strong. I take a lot of pride in that. My body is powerful, and I want to maintain this muscle. That takes a lot of calculated nutrition and specific workouts. Right now, I’m really into high-intensity interval training and weight lifting.”

The model continues on to express her desire to show the world that it’s okay to embrace who you are at any size, writing that while her health is important to her, she’s going to love herself no matter what. The way she sees it, she can either choose to loathe herself, change herself, or accept herself, and she chooses the latter.

Often times, people ask Majors how she came to have so much self-confidence and if she looks up to anyone for inspiration. Her response is that while she does find inspiration in others, for the most part, her confidence just comes from years of growing, of finding herself, and being on a journey to self-love.

“I look up to myself,” the model ends the article.