Prince Harry Reportedly Has Thin Skin & ‘Curses’ At Staff After Reading Bad Press

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Sussex leave after the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Saturday May 18, 2019.
Steve Parsons / Getty Images

Prince Harry reportedly has the thinnest skin of any member of the royal family, and he becomes so upset after reading bad press about himself that he curses at his staff.

TalkRADIO host Dan Wootton made the claim to The Express and said he knows because he has reported a lot on the royal over the years.

“Harry has been bristling about even the smallest criticism of him for some years now. And actually, he has the thinnest skin of any member of the royal family,” he said.

Wootton said Harry was unlike Meghan in this regard, because while she did not read press about her, Harry reads everything written about him and “often stews over the most minor of slights.”

“So he will sit in that publicly funded mansion — because it’s not a cottage, it’s a £2.9million mansion refurbished by us on taxpayers money — he’ll watch the TV coverage and he’ll flick through the newspapers and look at all of those articles online about him, cursing his staff.”

Wootton said that it was easy for the couple to blame any negative press on racism instead of addressing the fact that most of the negative press comes from within the royal family.

“The royal family and staff of the royal family are the ones that are very often leaking these stories to the press,” he said.

Harry, 34, and Meghan, 38, have seen their fair share of negative press over the past couple of years. Most recently, Meghan was criticized for guest editing British Vogue’s latest issue. But that is just one of many times either Meghan, Harry, or the both of them have been slammed for their behavior. As Wootton noted, they recently took heat from the public after they spent an inordinate amount of taxpayer money renovating their home.

The duke and duchess were also admonished for keeping secret details about the birth and christening of baby Archie.

The couple was even criticized for the name of their new charity —Sussex Royal — because it was not traditional enough. In fact, some people likened the name to the Jersey Royal potato. The Sun reported that insiders claimed that the name was all about Harry and Meghan building their brand and doing things their own way.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, just this week royal biographer Colin Campbell claimed that the late Princess Diana would be “appalled” at the royal couple’s behavior. Campbell said that Harry and Meghan can be charming when they want to be but are otherwise “graceless.”