Julianne Hough Responds To Criticism Over Her Nude Photos

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Julianne Hough recently shared with her Instagram fans snippets from a naked photo shoot she did for Women’s Health magazine’s latest edition. As it often happens with these subjects, users of the popular social media platform were quick to criticize the dancer and America’s Got Talent judge over the shots.

But Hough is standing her ground. As Insider reported, the 31-year-old Dancing with the Stars alum personally responded to an Instagram user who asked her what she thought her “little nieces and nephews” would say about her nude photos when they see them.

“They say, Go Aunt JuJu… so proud of you for your belief and growth! I’m proud of the message that I’m able to share with them [double pink heart emoji] we are at our annual family reunion now and I’m able to educate them on the metaphor of this photo shoot… to feel unashamed and free from all the guilt and shame outside projections people place on you!” Hough responded underneath the comment in one of her Instagram pics.

While the original poster’s comment gathered more than 200 likes, Hough’s response’s 6,000-plus likes easily beat the OP’s. Hough took to her Instagram page to share two images of her photo shoot. In the first one, she is seated with her back to the camera as she hugs her knees. Hough is leaning over her legs as she flashes a candid smile with her eyes closed.

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Let’s make some magic. ????

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This photo racked up more than 140,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments since being posted two days ago. The photo received mixed reactions in the comments section. Several of the top comments questioned nudity as a form of self-empowerment while many others praised her for being brave and true to herself.

The second photo shows her standing up on a large white structure against white that is cut by the blue of the sky. The symmetry of the photo contrasts with Hough’s tanned complexion as she looks at the camera with a fierce gaze and lips parted, in a defiant way.

As The Inquisitr previously pointed out, Hough recently started work on a project called Kinrgy, which centers around the concept of self confidence. While not a whole lot is known about her latest project yet, a recent video shared to Kinrgy’s official Instagram page shows the dancer with no makeup on as she discusses the power of transformation and how it can help achieve a balance in terms of spirituality, and mental and physical health.