Britney Spears’ ‘Time Out’ Deckchair Pic Has Instagram Stumped

Britney Spears celebrates achievements in LGBTQ community at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles
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Britney Spears appears to have caused a stir. The “Toxic” singer took to Instagram last night with a somewhat-cryptic message, leaving fans drawing all sorts of conclusions alongside seeing some of them straight-up stumped.

Britney’s post came as an old-school image. The black-and-white photo showed a woman reclining in a deckchair with her eyes closed as she appeared asleep. Britney super imposed the image with some text.

“I’ve put myself in timeout until I can play nice with others. This may take a while,” the 37-year-old wrote.

Britney also took to the comments section of her update to add a little more, stating that her post might pertain to a 10-year timespan.

Fan responses quickly poured in, although they seemed to express a wide variety of sentiments. While many fans took to the comments section to shower the star with the usual praise she garners from her social media updates, others honed in on what they were being fed. Regardless, many fans seemed to be wanting more details.

“Omg! You really are spilling the beans girl!! Tell us more,” one fan wrote with over 104 users liking the comment.

“A decade? What kind of cryptic message is this?” a popular comment read.

“OH no!! Is this code for her taking another break from the music industry for another decade,” one fan wrote.

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A while ?? How bout a decade !!!!! ????????

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For many of Britney’s fans, though, the post was a shade-throwing one, with users feeling that Britney’s message was a general announcement amid the fan consensus that the singer has not been “freed” – fans of the star will be familiar with the “Free Britney” hashtag on social media. It made AOL‘s headlines earlier this year, when the media outlet questioned whether Britney’s stint in a mental health facility saw the star being held against her will.

“Omggggggg this shade!!!” a popular comment read.

Nonetheless, many fans did seem a touch confused. Comments came in asking whether Britney was going to fire her management team, with other fans speculating that the post might be announcing new music. Confusion was marked, though.

“WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?! OMG,” one fan asked.

For the most part, Britney’s social media updates aren’t cryptic. The blonde will take to Instagram for epic workout videos, either alone or with personal trainer and boyfriend Sam Asghari. Britney recently updated her Instagram with an adorable Disneyland photo showing herself with sons Sean and Jayden.

It looks like this update has gotten the singer’s fans talking, though. Fans wishing to see more of Britney should follow her Instagram.