Laura Wright Injured: ‘General Hospital’ Star Reveals Big News After Troubling Fall

Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

It seems that it has been a summer of injuries for several stars from General Hospital. The latest cast member to reveal some news on this front is Laura Wright, who portrays Carly Corinthos.

On Thursday evening, Laura shared the scoop via her Instagram page. Wright’s injury came about a week ago, she details, after a fall down the stairs. The General Hospital star says that she broke her foot and isn’t supposed to walk on it for six weeks.

Despite having a broken foot, Laura was all smiles, and it’s clear that she is doing her best not to let this slow her down. Wright joked about having to wear a gorgeous cast for four weeks, and she also joked about needing to rely on a Knee Rover scooter to get around for now.

While the General Hospital star is mostly able to joke and smile about this broken foot, her Twitter page revealed that this is causing her some major disappointment in one specific way. It turns out that Wright was slated to fly to Prague with her daughter, and now she’s had to cancel the trip.

In the photo she shared on Instagram, Laura’s real-life beau Wes Ramsey, who portrays Peter on General Hospital, was using a scooter in solidarity with his love. Despite having a cast and having to cancel a trip to Prague, it looks like Wright is still working and keeping commitments as much as she can.

Wright reassured General Hospital fans via Twitter that she would still be at some upcoming fan events. Laura and Steve Burton, who plays Jason, are doing a short “BFF Tour,” and it consists of a handful of dates starting August 19 and finishing on August 25.

Laura joked that “StevieB” would be carrying her around as necessary, and the idea of this actually happening was seemingly a big hit with Wright’s fans. Many don’t doubt that Burton would actually do that if needed, although the actor hasn’t replied to Laura’s suggestion yet.

Wright is just the latest of several General Hospital stars to suffer injuries in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Kin Shriner, who plays Scotty, was also utilizing a scooter to get around the set recently after a boating accident.

Leslie Charleson, who plays Monica, also is recovering from a summer injury. A couple of weeks ago, she shared via Facebook that she had just had surgery on her hand. It seems she had gotten hurt as she rescued her tortoise off of a hill.

This hand surgery comes just a year after Charleson had to take time away because of a different injury. At that time, the show brought in a temporary recast after Leslie tripped over her dog. There’s no word yet whether Leslie will need to be recast temporarily this time around.

Fans have been quick to step up to lend their support as these General Hospital stars have opened up about their summer injuries. It’s not known yet whether Laura Wright’s injury will be written into Carly’s storyline or whether they will just film around it. Viewers are hoping that she has a smooth, quick recovery and gets back to her adventures in no time!