Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Damian Hurley Is The Spitting Image Of His Mom As He Recreates Iconic Pose

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As Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian Hurley follows in his mother’s modeling footsteps, it is clear that he has inherited the actress’s good looks and penchant for the industry. The 17-year-old posted a photo to his Instagram account on Thursday recreating a photo of the 54-year-old and proving that he is her spitting image, reported The Daily Mail.

In the snap, the young model imitates an old photo of Elizabeth in which she dons a backless gold dress and coyly looks over her shoulder to smile at the camera with her long, blonde locks curled and flowing freely down her back. Damian posted a similar photo to his Instagram Story in which he clutches a white robe to his front, letting it fall down to just above his backside and exposing his back. He gazes over his shoulder with his long, brown hair flowing down his back. The model shares his mom’s eyebrows, cheekbones, and lips, among many other features.

This photo is not the only one that Damian has attempted to imitate. The teenager recently mimicked the actress’s iconic 1994 Versace safety pin dress by donning a similar style in the form of a suit.

In the photo, he wears a black jacket and dress pants with gold safety pins clipped up the side of the jacket. The look is similar to Elizabeth’s 1994 dress, which consisted of black material stitched together up her side with gold safety pins.

The Bedazzled actress commented in an interview that she is pleased that her son has followed in her footsteps and decided to pursue a career in the modeling industry. Damian signed with Tess Management in September 2018 and recently starred in a Pat McGrath makeup campaign.

“I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine,” the actress spoke of her teenage son. “Friends who have several children always admit, although they love them all equally, inevitably there’s one whose personality mirrors their own and they ‘get’ each other better. It’s definitely nature not nurture.”

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Although Elizabeth is happy that she will be able to share her passion for modeling and acting with her son, she also acknowledged that if he decides to choose a different path one day, she will support him no matter what.

“You know, if he does a complete U-turn and wants to pursue a career in… [gulps with horror] banking, then of course as his mother I will fully support him.”