August 9, 2019
Ireland Baldwin Rocks Black Bikini While Eating Corn At The Beach

Ireland Baldwin is continuing to share photos of her summertime adventures with her Instagram fans. And her newest update showed her hanging out at the beach while eating corn on the cob, a photo that's received over 5,800 likes so far.

In the photo, Ireland sat on the sand while eating a giant corn on the cob. She held it in her right hand, and wore a black bikini. The top had a low scoop neck and side cutouts. Her hair was pulled back in a casual bun, and she opted to go without accessories.

The scenery behind her was fairly deserted, with a lone sun umbrella and lounge chair in the backdrop. A second photo from the set showed Ireland's friend enjoying herself, as she sat on a blue towel and held corn with her right hand.

Many of Baldwin's fans noticed her captions, which mentioned Minnesota.

"What part of MN? I was born and raised," asked a curious fan.

"We do have like the best state fair!" added a follower.

Meanwhile, some people argued about whether Ireland ought to be eating the corn cooked or raw.

"If it sweet enough you can eat it raw. Seriously," said an Instagram user.

"Hahaha. Is this corn on the cob Thursday?!" joked a follower.

"Nothing says Summer Fun like pretty ladies, the sun, the surf, and.....corn?" said a fan.

Others seemed to like the casual photo, rather than the professional ones the model has shared in the past.

"Great natural picture..much better," they said.

There was another update that Ireland posted earlier in the day. It showed her wearing the same black bikini. Except this time, she posed in a garden next to tall flowers. She faced her back to the camera, and popped her left foot. The model placed her hands by her hips.

The photo has been liked over 5,800 times.

"Cant wait for the baldwin family comments," said a fan, who's noticed the past drama between Ireland and her parents.

"I love how f*cking real this picture is," commented a follower.

"D*mn nice photo Ireland you look really stunning in this bikini," added an Instagram user.

On the other hand, a fan had a long message they wanted to send to the model. This was part of their comment.

"Be more Ivanka Trump and less Anna Nicole Smith. Remember: Beauty without brains is like painting a masterpiece on a napkin," they advised.