Evan Rachel Wood Stars With Sophia The Robot In ‘SophiaWorld’

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A tantalizing new trailer has recently emerged for a short film called SophiaWorld and starring Evan Rachel Wood. The clip bears a striking resemblance to HBO’s Westworld, in which Wood also stars. So, what is this new movie?

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists the following synopsis for SophiaWorld.

“Television’s most famous Robot, actress Evan Rachel Wood, and arguably the world’s most famous real-life humanoid, Sophia the Robot, have a chance encounter in a swanky NY hotel bar. But this coincidental meeting is far more than it seems.”

According to the Daily Mail, the new short movie is a parody of HBO’s Westworld, in which Wood stars as the robotic host named Dolores.

The short trailer shows Evan Rachel Wood apparently offline, just like her Westworld character, Dolores. A voice instructs Wood to be brought back online and she wakes up. The Westworld logo is shown and then the clip cuts out, indicating some sort of a tie in with HBO’s TV series.

Some fans speculate as to whether SophiaWorld will actually be a novel way in which HBO can announce the Season 3 premiere date for Westworld. Others wonder — considering the trailer was released via Futurism — whether it will be a short documentary regarding the real-life robot, Sophia.

For those unaware, Sophia the Robot is also a real thing. She was developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics and was activated on February 14, 2016. This robot can answer questions asked and can also display approximately 50 facial expressions while doing so.

You can check out Sophia the Robot in an interview with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin below.

Sophia is designed to get smarter over time, having cameras in here eyes for facial recognition, as well as adaptive qualities that will see her intelligence progress over time. In addition to behaving remarkably like a human, Sophia is the very first robot to have received citizenship in a country. According to CNBC, Sophia is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and is now reportedly focused on the nation’s human rights.

Evan Rachel Wood stars as Dolores in HBO's 'Westworld'
Featured image credit: HBO

While the application of robots such as Sophia can be used in certain areas to help humans with their day-to-day living, there was that one time, in an interview with CNBC, when Sophia joked that she would like to destroy humans. As such, many people are still fearful of just how far technology should go regarding the development of robots such as Sophia.

As for how Sophia the Robot will tie into the upcoming SophiaWorld remains to be seen and viewers will just have to wait until the short film premieres on September 4.

You can view the new trailer for SophiaWorld below.

SophiaWorld will premiere on Futurism on September 4. Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO in 2020.